VB 4.2 for sale

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Aug 11, 2013
Things to consider when listing your vBulletin License

1. Selling 4.2 Vbulletin License

2. Never Expires

3. Hopefully someone from vbulletin staff are able to do the transfer for us.

4. I can provide screenshots and information when I get interest.

5. Between £80 - £100 as I paid over £140 I would like to get at least something back for it.

Thought I might as well mention why I'm getting rid. Well I went from a free forum to vbulletin to try and build up a gaming community but I just can't get the active members and support to keep the community running and I just thought about the pointless money I kept on putting into a server to then not get nothing from it. Returned to a free forum and looking to sell this to hopefully get something back for it and save put towards the xbox one.

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