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Update vBulletin to 4.2.3 -->> 4.2.5


New Member

I inherited a forum many years ago from a previous owner who is not contactable anymore.

I have a vBulletin Customer Code, and I'm running vBulletin 4.2.3.

I don't have access to member section of the vBulletin website, and vBulletin support team won't give me access either.

Is it possible to grab the newer 4.2.5 files from somewhere and just use my current Customer Code/Licence to install them?

Or do I need to use the exact files that are only available from the members section assioated with that Customer Code?



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I got a hold of the previous owner and got access to the members section.

The question is still valid though, on a curious basis. Does the forums software need to be installed on the same domain as the one registered with the Customer Code?

Bllack Tiger

New Member
1.) You can only upgrade if the official license also would have been valid for 4.2.5. As far as I know it can be seen if you install or upgrade with somebody else's files.

2.) Yes, basically the forums need to be installed on the same domain as the one registered with the customer code. However it's possible to change the installation domain. You can easily change the installation domain name in the member area. This way you can install on any domain you choose.
Just take care that on any server only 1 version of your installation files exists and the correct installation domain is noted in the members area.