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Services for free & cheap offshore hosting


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Today, 10:04
Hello, i'm working on services for offshore web hosting / resellers / shoutcast
the topic saids, free and cheap yes - so how does this work?

  1. P2H - Post 2 Host is our way to help anyone that needs free services and can't pay in real money..
  2. PayPal - We only selling Hosting at $1.99/mo :) / Bitcoin as well
  3. Offshore - the services is in RU so anything goes (just read our TOS)
  4. WHM Resellers Hosting - We will pick any lucky person here to get free WHM reseller account if he is her is active lot (no ads require)
  5. Shoutcast Services - Now, here is a issue here, We can give them out freely If you willing to p2h or allow our ads on ur site or we can work out a deal ( this goes for any services we have)
If you wish not to do p2h/paypal/bitcoin then we can work out a yearly deal or deal you like to offer..
Pm me if you wish to become a client today :)

p.s we are also looking to hire staff for our site and sales/promo as well few other things we are doing.. Staff will be paid or get free services without having to p2h or pay..
thanks :)