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WTS Selling license vb5 + suite + no branding (european) for $150


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Today, 08:56
Those license numbers exist but they are not eligible for transfer as they have been transferred before, to M... Licenses are eligible for only one transfer.
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Today, 15:56
Its getting annoying and a waste of time handling that scammer.
I got from that scammer $150 to my paypal account and initated the transfer.
The scammer instantly keep attacking me why the license wasn't already transfered and i told her that vbulletin normaly needs 24-48h and that vbulletin support is not working on weekends.Its was friday late night.
So basicly i got PM'ed each day even on weekends asking why it takes so long.I explained that its up to vbulletin support which is out of my control.
Yesterday i wanted to buy a service online using paypal and when trying to pay i got not enough funds.I checked my paypal
and saw an open dispute with buyer .I instantly checked my vbulletin account and saw that my licenses have been removed from my account.
So i was sure its a scammer trying to scam me out of my licenses.I checked this board and saw his pm asking politly to refund his money with the claim that european licenses can't be sold out of europe.
I denied to refund the money and gave her 4h to cancel the dispute or i will open a ticket on vbulletin to put the licenses back to my account and will fight the dispute showing proof that the transfer has been initated by me and also that the licenses have been removed from my account.
Anybody really beliving the coincidence that the buyer is filling a dispute at the same hour when my licenses have been removed from my account where she waited days and never said a word about a dispute ?

Its a clear try to scam me out of my licenses which i'm defending myself.
Admin can also check our PM's how she is threatening me to refund the money or else she will make me look everywhere like a scammer by posting wrong claims.
I escaleted the issue on paypal since the buyer was not willing to do so .......why ?
Also opened a ticket at vbulletin but i don't have much hope there since Josha told me already in past that once the license is transfered there is nothing they can do when i get scammed and to be 100% sure about payment before transfering a license.
Also Buyer accused me of scamming.Would it make sense to hold the accused funds on the account if i would have scammed someone ?I guess no scammer is working this way.

Since its not the first scammer i'm dealing here with i will keep the forum updated about the progress

P.S Buyer accused me to have scammed 20 people on this forum.Please show me one member who have been scammed by me in the past.
Also buyer is trying hard to close the dispute outside of paypal.
Like already mentioned i escalted the dispute myself and will forward all proof to paypal.Paypal will be also able to see my transaction history and if i ever had a dispute before like buyer claims.

To all sellers please use escrow.Now not only buyers are in danger of getting scammed but also sellers thanks to paypal's new protection terms which i was unaware of.
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Today, 15:56
So many false claims to force me to release the funds...

you cannot sell out from Europa I hope that you can sell in Europa,I hope that I have help you my friend *we are serious company
Where do you got that rule from ?Made up your first storry ?

we don't need to make more big this theme, or you want to escalate? better close here and finish,
you return my money and I buy from Vbulletin
Yeah just return the money and you will leave me alone heh ?

you have sell the same license 20 times with same method
your scammer and I inform the administrator
Show me a single one

Dear scammer I inform now the paypal that you're a systematic scammer and you cheat the people from other country's
Told to do so since paypal has my full transaction history and can instanly see how many disputes i had before (NONE)

return my money Der Scammer
after we can speak
until you no return the money I denounce you everywhere
What he wanna talk about ?My licenses which are now in his account ?

after informing of escalating the issue on paypal
yes attention because the paypal can close your account for all the life Dear scammer
Also his words "Dear Scammer" .

open one more tickets if you no give me my money back I denounce you everywhere
in final you pay me Dear scammer
you mean you blackmail me....

paypal say return the money
Yeah they surely did

After having yesterday a long convo with this scammer its clear for me that he won't stop acting like a victim to scam me out of the funds.
I'm going to wait for paypal since he or she (seems to be a guy acting as woman) finds each hour new stories about me like i scammed 20 people on that board which he or she can proof.

Its a clear blackmail tactic.
At the end he or she attacked me that the license is not european and can only be transfered once.
Please have a look.At the beginning he or she claimed its european and can be only transfered inside europe.
Later she claims its not european and thats why its limited to transfer only once,
Everyone can look at my trading history that i was always selling only european licenses since i'm based in europe.
I guess this quickly inidcates to everone who is making false claims since its him or her changing her claims like sockets.


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Today, 15:56
Yeah i guess thats why your funds are still in the paypal account you sent it to because its a smart move to do so as scammer /irony off


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Today, 15:56
Yes you will be able to proof all your claims.Please add your real information so i can open a lawsuite against you for defamtion and blackmailing.
Don't forget to add contacts of people i scammed according to you


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Today, 15:56
Pleaso do so.You will be required to provide full name and adress.
Would love to see that happening.You will see how quickly you will have a court case for public defamation and blackmailing.
Please send them all proof of all your public statements like that i scammed 20 people which you can proof with their contact details and amounts.


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Today, 15:56
The only way i will refund you the money is when my licenses get back to my account.