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Proxy5 - Quality IPv4 proxies for all tasks (Free test)


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Proxy5 - is a high-quality proxying service from the best service on the virtual services market.

15% discount for forum members by promo code: extralicense

Service features:

✓ Automatic payment and issuance of proxies;
✓ IPv4 proxies are great for all tasks and suitable for all programs;
✓ Proxies support connection using HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 network protocols;
✓ Several options for proxy authentication: by IP address or login and password;
✓ Productivity throughout the entire period of operation;
✓ High-speed connection with unlimited traffic;
✓ Different subnets and IP address range for each proxy packet;
✓ API support - proxy list download to programs by URL;
✓ Offload Builder - making a ready-made list of proxies for manual insertion;
✓ Updating the proxy list - the function allows you to completely update the list of proxies;
✓ Multifunctional client panel;
✓ Technical support any day of the week.

Rate plans:

- Private proxies - from 1 IP for $ 5 for 30 days.
- Server proxies - from 10 IP for 5$ for 30 days.
- Free proxy test - 10 IP for $0 for 30 minutes.

The minimum duration of a proxy lease is 30 days. You can extend the lease for 30, 90 and 360 days. The renewal price is reduced by 20% of the original cost of the tariff.

Available proxy countries:

- Russia
- Ukraine
- Germany
- China
- Australia
- Great Britain
- Canada
- Netherlands
- France
- Turkey
- Poland
- India
- Spain
- Japan
and others.

Payment methods:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Mir, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, DASH, TRON, SOL, BNB, UNI, Perfect Money, Yoomoney, Qiwi, WebMoney, Alipay and others.


Online chat: https://proxy5.ru/en/
Telegram chat: https://t.me/p5sup
E-mail: [email protected]
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Sale on 11.11 at Proxy5. Top proxies and 35% off all rates with promo code «FRIDAY». Buy!

The promotion is valid from November 11 to 18, 2022.

Kind regards, Proxy5 Team.


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Dear users, February 22, 2023 our service completely updated the line of tariffs and finally switched to the wholesale prices.

Now everyone can buy proxies, we have reduced the cost of rent by 5 times and increased the number of purchased proxies.

New Prices:

300 IP$45 for 30 days / Renewal — $36
500 IP$75 for 30 days / Renewal — $60
1000 IP$150 for 30 days / Renewal — $120
1500 IP$225 for 30 days / Renewal — $180
2000 IP$300 for 30 days / Renewal — $240

For services already purchased, this will not be affected. Renewal of purchased services, remains at the old price. If you want to switch to a new tariff, keeping the old list of IP-addresses, contact technical support.

Kind regards, Proxy5 Team.