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Abandoned PHPFOX Licence with Branding Removal

Discussion in 'Completed Other Transactions' started by phpfox 4 sale, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. phpfox 4 sale

    phpfox 4 sale New Member

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    Local Time:
    2:41 AM
    I bought PHPFOX licence back in 2007 and i no longer need PHPFOX licence.


    PHPFOX Community Licence: $299
    phpFox (Self-Hosted) ยป Branding Removal : back in 2007 it was $75 now just $49

    Download Latest Available Version (3.3.0rc1)

    Total worth $299+$49= $348

    I'm selling for $250 ( or give me best deal from your end )

    you can email me at
  2. Vincent

    Vincent Here to help

    Rating - 100%
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    Local Time:
    11:11 PM
    As a moderator, I must warn all my users that this looks very much like a scam.

    The seller didn't give any proof that he owns the license really. (All script details are a website that everyone knows.)
    The seller only gave information that everyone can know.

    The seller made a special email address for this. This way you can't trace him back.

    So, to the seller: Please prove us that you own the license and give a real emailaddress, not a throwaway one.
  3. phpfox 4 sale

    phpfox 4 sale New Member

    0   0   0

    Local Time:
    2:41 AM
    here is my proof that i own the license if you want any other type of proof let me know .[​IMG]

    KJMIAMI New Member

    0   0   0

    Local Time:
    10:11 PM
    OK i bidded and most i can pay is $150 :(
  5. Josh Arcadia

    Josh Arcadia New Member

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    Local Time:
    3:11 PM

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