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phpFox Community license with custom theme and a lot of mods

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Aug 26, 2013

I want to sell my community license with customized theme and modifications for which I spent about 1200 $

If you want to buy only license it is 150 $

If you want to get it with custom theme, modules and modifications listed below, it is 599$

1-Custom modern, flat theme.

2-Custom member filter for age, gender and location

3-Pin Package 2 (150$ in original)

4-Customized phpfoxguru gift, phpfoxguru credits, phpfoxguru meet me and videochat plugins

5-Paymentwall Integration (Flawlessly working Mobile SMS, credit card, bank payment integration)

6-Konkort Arcade 1.8

7-PV Who Viewed Me Advanced

You can see everything live on http://lubia.pl

Please login to see how phpfox was turned into a king from a frog :)

E-mail: [email protected]

Password: test

Best wishes!

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