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Apr 30, 2014
Client Area Template :

Default, Moderen Panel, NextGen, SidePad Themes, Nextgen Clean, and my modified sidepad themes from me

Order Page :

Cart Template

Dedicated Servers Full-screen

Fancy 4 comparison boxes

One-step checkout slider, boxes

Step Slider - wizard theme

Premade sliders, Wizard theme

Flexible Height Boxes


One-step checkout slider, hand-drawn

Smart Wizard

VPS Hardware, One-step

Lightweight & Fast

Simple boxes

Premade Sliders, One-step

Simple Slider - wizard theme

Default product listing

Package sliders, One-step

Dark Bootstrap Full-screen, One-step

Fancy comparison, one-step

Comparison table, 3 plans

4 Comparision boxes, one-step

Volume slider, One-step

Slideshow based on Slider plugin

Gauge Sliders, One-step

Simple Full-Page Checkout, One-step

Fancy Slider - wizard theme

Metered plans

Small comparison boxes

Fancy Slider - wizard theme with boxes

Cloud Slider, One-step

Listing + more info

Four comparison boxes, One-step

Cloud order, One-step

Double Slider - wizard theme

Bootstrap Sliders, One-step

Comparison boxes, full screen

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