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Handled Old Threads

Discussion in 'Fixed / Implemented' started by Andrej, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Andrej

    Andrej Member

    Local Time:
    1:21 PM
    I was thinking about if the old threads should be moved or prefixed as expired / abandoned because if after X months there were no activity, the license might be already being sold/transferred - meaning there would be no point in having the thread anymore in the open sales forums. They could always report the post to get it moved back (or simply create a new thread). The same kind of applies to the WTB threads.

    However I can see the point of keeping the posts if (insert here)... so I just post this up for discussion.
  2. Dan

    Dan Admin Staff Member

    Local Time:
    7:21 AM
    We do from time to time go through old threads asking if it is still a valid thread. If we don't get an answer, we do move them and mark as abandoned. There isn't a set time limit we do this though. It is more of when there isn't anything else going on time frame. I would like to, eventually, create a timer so that automagically, once the time expires on the thread, it will move it. This is future thinking though.

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