• Attention buyers: Please take the time to read THIS
  • I have imposed a new requirement today limiting who can start and receive private conversations. This is in an effort to thwart scammers who have a zero post count but private message others offering to sell their licenses. The restriction is not strict, a user must post at least one (1) post in the forum before being allowed to start and/or receive private conversations. Read Forum Post

Never send money as a friend or gift!


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Just a friendly reminder to NEVER send money for a license to a "Friend" or as a "gift".

Sellers may ask buyers to send money for a license as a friend in PayPal and other payment systems. This is to circumvent the fees that are applied. The problem is, when you send this money as a friend, you have absolutely no recourse. It cannot be disputed or refunded. It is hard enough to try and get your money back when you send it regularly why make things harder?

And, for the love of all things holy, please ask for license #'s and check that license # with the respective developers to determine the legitimacy of the license.

That concludes today's public service announcement.
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Here's a screenshot of when you're sending payments via PayPal. The red rectangle is to help outline that the "I'm paying for goods and services" should be the selected option when sending payments to a seller. I hope this help you out folks.
Send Money   PayPal.png

Liam W

You should only send it as a friend if it's exactly that... The person is a friend (event then, friends can rip you off....)

If the seller isn't wanting to pay fees... Then can you really trust them?



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Where do you report scammers/thieves?
Underneath a user's post you should see some blue text that says report. If you have trouble finding it I will post a screenshot later showing how to report a user


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I'd be wary of taking Paypal payments these days for software. Paypal say how great they are at helping you sell digital goods but you are not covered under their Paypal Protection..

Bank transfer is probably the best way but then I suppose they could still dispute it later down the line.
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I'd be wary of taking Paypal payments these days for software. Paypal say how great they are at helping you sell digital goods but you are not covered under their Paypal Protection.
That's no longer the case.
Paypal offers full buyer protection on both intangible and tangible goods now. Including though not limited to: services *such as hosting etc.


Paypal is crap.
I sold one copy of a forum software where seller started a dispute after 40 days that he didn't received the copy.
I sent Paypal all screenshots of evidences like the conversations with vbulletin support and screenshot of my vbulletin account that the license doesn't exist anymore.I also told paypal the email adress of buyer to check his vbulletin account if that license isn't added to his account.
I emailed vbulletin support for proof that this account is now added to buyers email adress.
All i got from vbulletin was because of privacy shit they are not allowed to provide that data and best of all paypal favored his dispute even he provided no proof just a poor claim and i was the active one providing everything i had.
Paypal always asked for a delivery proof.These fuckers don't understood it was a digital good even i mentioned it 100 times.

So if you deal as seller with paypal be very carefull as its also easy as seller to get ripped off.
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Selling license vb5 + suite + no branding (european) for $150

I want to help
This seller mike77 have take from me 150USD and no want to return my money.
(I think with system sell this license, many times the same license only to cheat the people for that the price is in USD)
Never have contact with Vbulletin to transfer this license to me, because is a scammer
*for any info and documents please write me

"Hello, Katty

Thank you for contacting vBulletin Sales.
I do not see any tickets with your information in them except for this one.

Do you know the name or email address of the person you purchased from?"


Those license numbers exist but they are not eligible for transfer as they have been transferred before, to M... Licenses are eligible for only one transfer.
The only exception is licenses in the EU, but the license must originate and remain in the EU. Licenses transferred out of the EU are no longer eligible for transfer. Licenses transferred into the EU are not eligible for further transfer because they did not originate there
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