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Completed Looking for XF Licenses Offers


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Today, 15:54
Hi there. I am currently looking for offers for a XenForo license. If you have a XenForo license and are willing to sell it, please reply below with your offer and when it will expire, as well as any extras included. If you have the resource manager, that would be awesome. My budget is $50 to $90. Resource manager and support time are not required. Use this format if you have a license willing for sale.

Expiration date:
Extras (if any):

If I consider your offer is the best, I'll buy it from you. Thanks a lot! :)
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Tomorrow, 09:54
Hey mate I have one will sell it for $50, but you will renew it as its expired, LMK thanks.. Skype: Axed99


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Today, 17:54
i have a licence i got on june 28 expires next year on 28th im willing to sell it for around $80 or best offer