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May 9, 2014
I'm attempting to selling my IPB Perpetual License - haven't used it be about 5 years.

Your Perpetual license always entitles you to download the latest version of IP.Board, however access to technical support is inactive.
Support can be added for a cost of $15, and the rest of the IPS suite (downloads, blogs, nexus etc) can be added for extra fees. Dosn't include spam monitoring ($15 support activation required for this)

The License if perfect for someone that just wants to forum, without all the bells and wistles and dosn't need support as once you own the license you never need to purcahse anything else. A new IPB licence is $175 + $25 every 6 months.

Invision Power dosn't allow users to transfer the License, so I will give complete access to my customer account where you can change the email address and password to "transfer" to your own setup.

I'm looking for $250 but am open to offers

Verified PayPal accounts only

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