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Free License (sorta)

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Jan 21, 2013
I was semi scammed by signal500. I was sold a license that was expired and to be renewed and transferred under my name *I said I'd pay the fee for renewal, but I did need the license at least change to an email I won before I could finish this*

Anyways it's 1.1.2

If you feel like risking someone taking it back, because you can't change the email without the original paypal transacation ID (Which signal500 is ignoring my requests for or assistance on)

Then feel free to PM me

I've no use for something I can't actually use.

First come first serve!

ALL I needed was the original paypal transaction id and he has failed to provide it continually. I've even PMd via other sites that he had visited and was active on, only to be ignored again and again.

Not open for further replies.