Boonex Prime + Addons (1800$ worth)

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Jan 30, 2014

im selling my Boonex Account because i have no time anymore to get my projects up because of work.

You get the Full Prime license inc. MObile license and so on.

Also you get a lot of Addons. The most from ModZZZ and IBDW.

The best Mod Developer at Boonex.

Also a Template and lots of other Stuff.

Im adding a link with Screenshots.

You can take your own domain and everything.

For IBDW when you buy i will write them to change the Emailadress for getting the install Keys to your email Adress.

Its really a low price what i want.

Even i bought almost all Modules when there was a Special offer. That means you can look and see what the Account is now Worth.

My Price is 699$ for an Account of 1800$.

Greetings René

P.S. All is Lifetime licenses and free updates

Not open for further replies.