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Expired Blesta $8» InterWorx $8» Independence Day offers

Discussion in 'Completed Other Transactions' started by Atlanical, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Atlanical

    Atlanical Member

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    10:00 PM
    ★★★ Who Are We? ★★★

    Licensecart is a certified license distributor since June 20, 2013. We've expanded our range over the year and now are certified license distributor for Litespeed, InterWorx, CraftSRV, Softaculous / Virtualizor & Blesta. We are hoping to expand to KernelCare when Blesta 3.3 comes out, our InterWorx customers will get it half price for use on the same IP though.

    We've started going Pro-Rota, and only a few customers who have contacted us stating they'd prefer to pay on the day they ordered. We are different from most of our competitors because we provide full support for every product we sell, and if there's something we can't solve ourselves we will contact our supplier on behalf of you to get you back on the road worry free.

    ★★★ Any reviews? ★★★

    From our GetKudos:

    From Webhostingtalk :wht::

    Blesta Owned licenses include updates / support for 1 year then it costs $35 per year.

    CraftSRV Owned licenses include updates / support for 1 year then it costs $29 per year.

    InterWorx One-Time licenses includes Minor version updates and upgrades & Six months of major version updates and email technical support then it costs $50 per six-month extension.

    ★★★ DEMOS ★★★

    What to try the new Blesta 3.2.x or the old Blesta 2.5? Now you can check out our demo website

    ★★★ Independence Day offers ★★★

    Independence Day the day everyone get's a day off work, well if you're in the USA that is, and because our customers come first we want to celebrate Independence Day with a small offer which any customer (new or current) can use on new orders until the 5th.

    Save $15 off the following products only:

    - Blesta Owned Unbranded
    - InterWorx One-Time License

    Blesta Licenses

    ★★★ A bit about Blesta ★★★
    Content from our website.

    Unlike it's competitors Blesta puts security and it's customers first, they put themselves in your shoes and develop what you need and not what they want. Blesta is more than a billing system, you install what you need and customize it how you like with ease.

    Why buy additional billing systems for your other companies? Just purchase the additional company license with Blesta and within minutes you can get it setup and looking completely different, and with the modules and plugins that company needs to run.

    ★★★ Blesta Versions ★★★

    3.2.1 = Latest Stable version

    N/A = Beta version

    ★★★ Updates to Blesta ★★★

    - Blesta have upgraded the WHMCS Importer now, so everything can be imported. Still in Beta though.

    - Enom Beta module released visit thread here.

    - cPanel Extended (Released to Blesta from ModulesGarden) Free download from here.

    - GoGetSSL Beta module released visit thread here.

    ★★★ Our prices ★★★

    Monthly Branded » $12.95 ------ Our Price: $8.00 (Place a Order)

    Monthly Unbranded » $14.95 ------ Our Price: $10.00 (Place a Order)

    Owned Branded » $175.00 ------ Our Price: $140.00 (Place a Order)

    Owned Unbranded » $210.00 ------ Our Price: $175.00 (Place a Order)

    ★★★ Licenses Includes ★★★

    » Instant Activation(On monthly licenses*)
    » Latest Version
    » Full Support
    » Free Installation(On request)

    * At the moment they are manually set-up due to us awaiting for the Blesta module.

    ★★★ Extras ★★★

    Multi-Company License » $90 ------ Our Price: $90 one time or $5 per month (Depending on your license)

    ★★★ Licensecart Services ★★★

    Upgrade » $7.50 (Place a Order) (One time upgrade within 24hours - use whenever you need it)

    ★★★ Import service FROM Blesta 2.5 & WHMCS 5.x.x to Blesta 3.x ★★★

    Import 1-20 » $5.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 1 - 20 products / domains)

    Import 21-50 » $10.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 21 - 50 products / domains)

    Import 51+ » $25.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 50+ products / domains)

    ★★★ Out of the Box service ★★★

    Licensecart customers » $150.00 (Place a Order) (If you bought your license from us)

    Non Licensecart customers » $250.00 (Place a Order) (If you bought your license elsewhere)

    ★★★ Out of the Box Includes ★★★

    Licensecart has a fantastic service called Out of the box, this is a full service we offer for Blesta customers, we will do the following for you:

    » Install Blesta.
    » Configure Blesta (Set up correct modules & settings).
    » Create new packages.
    » Import from old billing system.
    » Integrate your html template.
    » Within 72 Hours guaranteed.

    Depending on the size of the importing and the time to integrate your layout, it could take less than 24 hours. Feel free to contact us for more information about these packages.

    ★★★ Questions? ★★★
    If you have any questions feel free to contact us by our support departments.

    ★★★ Want to use Blesta 2.5? ★★★
    If you would like to use 2.5 instead, just submit a ticket to our Billing / Licensing department and we will exchange it for you. Want to go back to 3.0? No problem, just contact us again and we will exchange it once more for you. It's that simple.

    ★★★ License Transfers ★★★

    So you've brought a license with us, however you no longer want it or need it, and you wish to sell it and transfer it to another customer, you have to transfer it to another Licensecart customer (Registration here) you can just open a ticket with their client number stating you wish to transfer the license to them, should be moved within a hour.

    Please note if you have a monthly license you can't transfer it to a Blesta customer, the license time left will be passed to the new owner.


    InterWorx Licenses - We pride ourselves on being the cheapest InterWorx distributor, If you find a cheaper authorized reseller? We'll match it.

    ★★★ A bit about InterWorx ★★★
    Content from our website.

    Interworx takes control panels to the next level and is the only control panel to offer a full clustering system, and that makes life easier for administrators with more than one server.

    InterWorx is easy to install and you can edit themes completely, therefore you can make a theme your own (great for company branding).

    With Interworx you can get emails if any issues have arisen on your server with the easy to set-up subscription page, and your customers can make multiple user accounts for their colleagues to login and can limit what they can access as-well.

    Interworx is a perfect match for the Blesta billing system, with their Interworx Module.

    ★★★ Packages and Prices ★★★

    VPS Unlimited Domains - $8.00

    35 Domains limited - $13.00

    Unlimited Domains - $23.00

    One-Time License - $499.99 (Saving a $100)

    More information:

    ★★★ Free Softaculous License with every InterWorx license*. Helping you with your business. ★★★

    * One-time license includes a year Softaculous free.
  2. Tech_Admin

    Tech_Admin New Member

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    Local Time:
    12:00 AM
    Trusted and legit member!
  3. Atlanical

    Atlanical Member

    Rating - 100%
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    Local Time:
    10:00 PM
    50% off Blesta Unbranded for your first month. Go on give Blesta a try today.. Limited to 20 new customers. Coupon code: #BlestaisBetter

    Grab a InterWorx VPS Unlimited for 50% off your first month, what are you waiting for? Limited to 20 new customers, Coupon code: new2Iworx
  4. Atlanical

    Atlanical Member

    Rating - 100%
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    Local Time:
    10:00 PM
    Licensecart is proud to announce that we now sell KernelCare licenses to the public for $2.95 / $29.95 per year.

    All licenses are pro-rota'd and licenses aren't instantly set-up due to lack of module we are looking into this.

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