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Beware of tony he is a scammer

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by john7777, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. john7777

    john7777 New Member

    Local Time:
    4:00 PM
    This guy scammed me >

    here is the skype chat log:- <code> [03:36:16] Tony Ford: Hi john .A, I'd like to add you as a contact.
    [06:04:22] *** john .A has shared contact details with Tony Ford. ***
    [06:09:05] *** john .A has shared contact details with Tony Ford. ***
    [06:09:09] Tony Ford: Hi
    [06:09:46] Tony Ford: are you there
    [06:09:47] Tony Ford: ?
    [06:10:45] john .A: Hi
    [06:11:12] Tony Ford: I´m selling my vbulletin license $100
    [06:11:40] john .A: Cant afford man got only 50$ to spend
    [06:11:54] *** Tony Ford sent proof.png ***
    [06:12:09] Tony Ford: OK
    [06:12:34] john .A: Can we do a deal?
    [06:13:46] Tony Ford: can you give me at least 65-70 ?
    [06:14:03] Tony Ford: and we have a deal i need money for a new Project
    [06:14:09] john .A: This is lifetime license?
    [06:14:14] Tony Ford: yes it is
    [06:14:21] Tony Ford: need a screenshoot ?
    [06:14:41] john .A: Hmmm ican do 60$ i'll take loan from friend of 10
    [06:14:48] Tony Ford: Ok
    [06:15:00] Tony Ford: need a screenshoot ?
    [06:15:19] john .A: Give me 10 mins
    [06:15:25] john .A: Yes
    [06:15:27] Tony Ford: Ok
    [06:19:25] *** Tony Ford sent proof2.png ***
    [06:21:52] john .A: this is which version?
    [06:22:05] john .A: and how much time will it take to transfer license on my name
    [06:22:09] Tony Ford: vb5, includes vb4 and vb3
    [06:22:13] john .A: and how much support?
    [06:22:19] Tony Ford: one day
    [06:22:34] john .A: license support days?
    [06:22:44] Tony Ford: everytime
    [06:22:54] Tony Ford: once you send the payment i need your full
    [06:22:56] Tony Ford: name
    [06:22:58] Tony Ford: adress
    [06:23:03] Tony Ford: aemail and
    [06:23:08] john .A: no... we have limited access
    [06:23:12] Tony Ford: telephone number
    [06:23:13] john .A: like 1 year support
    [06:23:41] Tony Ford: let me check
    [06:24:42] Tony Ford: 2 months left
    [06:24:50] john .A: ok
    [06:24:57] Tony Ford: then you can pay 49 usd
    [06:25:05] Tony Ford: to extend the support
    [06:25:25] john .A: ok
    [06:25:55] john .A: ok bro
    [06:26:00] john .A: your paypal
    [06:27:21] Tony Ford:
    [06:27:33] Tony Ford: And please send me your details
    [06:27:44] john .A: here?
    [06:28:31] john .A: you want my details here?
    [06:28:33] Tony Ford: yes please
    [06:28:48] john .A: Name, Adress and email
    [06:28:53] john .A: is that enough
    [06:29:00] john .A: dont wanna give my phone
    [06:29:05] Tony Ford: Ok
    [06:29:07] Tony Ford: np
    [06:29:13] Tony Ford: send the payment
    [06:29:20] Tony Ford: and give your details
    [06:30:45] john .A: bro full payment without any email from vbulletin?
    [06:30:47] john .A: :(
    [06:31:08] john .A: send my details to them when i get acknowledgement from them then i pay ?
    [06:31:53] john .A: telephone number is required...
    [06:32:03] john .A: or vbulletin wont transfer the license
    [06:32:47] Tony Ford: no, because if i start the transfer procees i can´t cancell it, you need to sed the payment first,

    please read the rules from
    [06:33:06] Tony Ford: yes when i send the details vbulletin starts the transfer process
    [06:33:18] john .A: bro i wont give phone no.
    [06:33:25] john .A: and vbulletin will need that
    [06:33:35] Tony Ford: yes just give me you name adress and email
    [06:33:38] Tony Ford: No
    [06:33:48] Tony Ford: just name adress and email
    [06:33:57] Tony Ford: pone is optional
    [06:34:15] john .A: can you show me the form?
    [06:35:02] Tony Ford: Ok hold on
    [06:37:02] *** Tony Ford sent proof3.png ***
    [06:38:13] john .A: where are details form?
    [06:38:20] john .A: this has no nmae addres etc
    [06:38:35] Tony Ford: I need to send the details by a ticket
    [06:38:44] Tony Ford: please read the rules from extralicense
    [06:38:47] john .A: ok
    [06:39:52] Tony Ford: here is the info from vbulletin
    [06:39:53] Tony Ford:

    [06:41:35] john .A: sent
    [06:41:54] Tony Ford: what ?
    [06:42:00] john .A:
    [06:42:20] Tony Ford: Ok give me your details please
    [06:42:50] john .A: Name: #######
    [06:43:04] john .A: Addrees: #########
    [06:43:13] john .A: email : #########
    [06:43:43] john .A: ok?
    [06:43:55] Tony Ford: Ok
    [06:43:58] Tony Ford: hold on
    [06:45:51] john .A: ??
    [06:47:18] Tony Ford: Ok done wait for the reply from vbulletin
    [06:47:26] Tony Ford: the will contact you by email
    [06:47:38] john .A: any proof?
    [06:48:15] john .A: ??
    [06:48:25] Tony Ford: yes
    [06:48:31] john .A: show
    [06:49:38] john .A: ??
    [06:50:08] john .A: send ticket no. screenshot asking for transfer
    [06:50:23] Tony Ford: wait please
    [06:52:09] john .A: why so much time man?
    [06:54:31] john .A: ??
    [06:56:26] john .A: i am gona cancle the payment man
    [06:56:39] Tony Ford: srry for the delay
    [06:56:46] Tony Ford: i have to go out
    [06:56:52] Tony Ford: hold on
    [06:57:43] *** Tony Ford sent proof-4.png ***
    [06:58:40] john .A: wtf man this is photoshped
    [06:58:47] Tony Ford: omg
    [06:59:12] Tony Ford: Iwill share my screen
    [06:59:18] Tony Ford: hold on
    [06:59:21] john .A:
    [06:59:29] john .A: see this and the one you shared
    [06:59:43] Tony Ford: I will share my
    [06:59:51] Tony Ford: scrren
    [06:59:52] Tony Ford: hold on
    [07:03:09] john .A: ??
    [07:03:25] john .A: bro i am sorry i dont wanna buy
    [07:03:34] john .A: send me refund or i cancle payment
    [07:05:18] john .A: ??
    [07:08:09] john .A: are you sending a refund or not?</code>

    my payment SS>

    Just made this thread so that he dont scam anyone else.
  2. Dan

    Dan Admin Staff Member

    Local Time:
    5:30 AM
    Thanks for letting us know john7777john7777

    He has been banned.
  3. john7777

    john7777 New Member

    Local Time:
    4:00 PM
    Thanks Dan, Feel disgusted after being cheated for the second time. How people can accept money gained by cheating someone. God show him the right path and wisdom.
  4. JackPH

    JackPH Active Member

    Local Time:
    5:30 PM
    Was you able to get back the money? How was the dispute result
  5. stratos

    stratos New Member

    Local Time:
    1:30 PM
    This post is very usefully, I learn thinks that did not think about
  6. bruakerche

    bruakerche New Member

    Local Time:
    6:30 PM
    thanks for sharing. Scammers all of the places, need be more careful

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