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Sold/Complete ★★★ Licensecart ★★★ Blesta Licenses from $8.50! ★★ Best Price! ★★ Blesta Services ★★

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★★★ Who Are We? ★★★

Licensecart was founded on 20th June 2013 to provide our customers the best licenses and support, and Licensecart was started to sell Blesta licenses, however we will be selling more licenses in the future. Licensecart is part of CubicWebs.

★★★ A bit about Blesta ★★★
Content from our website.

Unlike it's competitors Blesta puts security and it's customers first, they put themselves in your shoes and develop what you need and not what they want. Blesta is more than a billing system, you install what you need and customize it how you like with ease.

Why buy additional billing systems for your other companies? Just purchase the additional company license with Blesta and within minutes you can get it setup and looking completely different, and with the modules and plugins that company needs to run.

★★★ Our prices ★★★

Monthly Branded » $12.95 Our Price: $8.50 (Place a Order)
Monthly Unbranded » $14.95 Our Price: $10.50 (Place a Order)

Owned Branded » $175.00 Our Price: $140.00 (Place a Order)
Owned Unbranded » $210.00 Our Price: $185.00 (Place a Order)

★★★ Licenses Includes ★★★

» Instant Activation(On monthly licenses*)
» Latest Version
» Full Support
» Free Installation(On request)

* At the moment they are manually set-up due to us awaiting for the Blesta module.

★★★ Extras ★★★

Multi-Company License » $99 ------ Our Price: $90

★★★ Licensecart Services ★★★

Standard Integration » $20.00 (Place a Order)(Guaranteed turnaround of 48 hours)

Advanced Integration » $40.00 (Place a Order)(Guaranteed turnaround of 24 hours)

Check out our portfolio at http://licensecart.com/portfolio

Upgrade » $7.50 (Place a Order)(One time upgrade within 24hours - use whenever you need it)

Importing Service for Blesta 2.5 (And WHMCS Shortly when paid you can use when your ready.)

Import 1-20 » $5.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 1 - 20 products / domains)

Import 21-50 » $10.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 21 - 50 products / domains)

Import 51+ » $25.00 (Place a Order) (Imports 50+ products / domains)

Out of the Box service

Licensecart customers » $150.00 (Place a Order) (If you bought your license from us)

Non Licensecart customers » $250.00 (Place a Order) (If you bought your license elsewhere)

★★★ Out of the Box Includes ★★★

Licensecart has a fantastic service called Out of the box, this is a full service we offer for Blesta customers, we will do the following for you:

» Install Blesta.
» Configure Blesta (Set up correct modules & settings).
» Create new packages.
» Import from old billing system.
» Integrate your html template.
» Within 72 Hours guaranteed.

Depending on the size of the importing and the time to integrate your layout, it could take less than 24 hours. Feel free to contact us for more information about these packages.

★★★ Questions? ★★★
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, or by sending myself a private message, or even by contacting us by our support departments.

I apologies if this is in the wrong forum, and we are a certified Blesta distributor, we are waiting for our page to be made on their new website.
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