1. Shyuan

    Sold/Complete WBB 4 + (Gallery & Blog)

    Hi :) Price: $135 Payment Method: PayPal Verified PM me if you are interested. Thank you for looking. :)
  2. F

    Sold/Complete WBB3/4 License for sale/trade

    I'm going to sell/trade my Woltlab Burning Board 4 licence for 90€ or Xenforo. The license includes the following Plugins and applications: Woltlab Burning Board 4 - Woltlab Burning Board 4 (WBB4) - Community Gallery - Crystal Temptation – Design - Modern Shoutbox - cChat Light Woltlab...
  3. B

    Has anyone used or is using Woltlab Burning Board

    Have any of you guys used or are using Woltlab burning board especially version 4 of it? How has it been?
  4. M

    Sold/Complete vB 5 - WBB 3 (+Update access) + Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 License

    Hello, I'm going to trade my Woltlab Burning Board License with Update-Access till Feb 2014 and my Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 License (never used) for a vBulletin 5 Connect License. What I'm giving: • WBB3 (+Update Access) = 90€ • Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 = 49.95€ What I'm...