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vbulletin 4.x

  1. Jessie

    Sold/Complete Vbulletin 5 with all previous versions

    Things to consider when listing your vBulletin License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade Vbullletin lisence/ 2. When does it expire?never 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes it sure is 4. Any Screenshots? Defeintly for serious inquires 5. How much are you selling for...
  2. M

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite (inc access to 3.x)

    Hi, I have a vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite (with access to the 3.x version also) that I would like to sell. It is a Lifetime License, I am the original owner, and it is legally allowed to be transferred. Proof is in the attached screenshots. I am asking for $100 via PayPal, and this isn't...
  3. Steve Moore

    Sold/Complete IP.Board or Burning Board or Ultimate Bulletin Board for XenForo

    1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: IP.Board, or wBB 3.1.8, or UBB 2. When does it expire? IPB expires Nov 2013, wBB expired Jan 2013, UBB expired 2012 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Will give account details, yes and yes 4. Any Screenshots? Yes 5. How much are you...
  4. naijafinder

    Sold/Complete New Xenforo license for sale- I want to sell my Xenforo License

    I just recently purchase new Xenforo license, and now i have decided to sell it to anyone who is interested. Purchased date: September 7 2013 Support/updates end: Sep 7, 2014 Selling price: $110 My License Validation Token 7a495ffd74ae2569bc3d808878fb29a0 Payment method: Western Union or Bank...
  5. A

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Forum licence - $75

    Hi, I've recently migrated my forums to another system, and got a vBulletin 4.x Forum licence that I would like to sell. I'm thinking around $75 for the licence. Proof of ownership: Proof of eligibility for transfer:
  6. madsklitgaard

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite license

    I'm selling a licens for vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite - Price is negotiable. Licens does not expire. I've attached a screenshot of a response from the vBulletin team about the license ability to be transfered. Payable with PayPal. Skype: mads-klitgaard
  7. isaacl

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite BRANDING FREE

    Selling a vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite license with branding fee option and no expiration date. Includes a download for vBulletin 3.x. If you were to buy this new today, it would be worth $249 (vB) + $169 (Branding Free) = $418. I'll sell this for $250 - not in any rush to sell it, so I won't...
  8. hirenshinde

    Sold/Complete Vbulletin 4 classic license for 80$

    Vbulletin 4 classic license for sale for 80$ only... pm me if interested
  9. U

    Sold/Complete Any vBulletin Licenses Available?

    Hello, im itching to open my own Forum with vBulletin Format. Im looking for a low price and it dosent matter if it is Suite or Forum though. Please give me your offers Below or send me an e-Mail @ Flanagannjrotc@gmail.com
  10. D

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Forum License

    Hello, I want to buy a vBulletin 4.x Forum Only license. Item: vBulletin 4.x Forum Only license Price: 85USD Payment method: PayPal For more details, post in this thread or send me a private message. Regards,