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used xenforo license

  1. Jahsun

    Sold/Complete Xenforo License & Resource Manager For Sale

    Hi EL Family, I am selling my Xenforo License as well as the resource manager plugin for one price. Purchased: Apr 26, 2014 Support/updates end: Apr 26, 2015 I am the original owner/purchaser! I am asking for $150 for both OR best offer! Verified Paypal only Validation token...
  2. Felix

    Sold/Complete Selling/Trading XenForo license (Not transferrable)

    Hello, I am trying to get a good chunk of money to buy a vBulliten license... But its not really the most cheapest thing... Here is a image that proves I have a license: http://i.imgur.com/reN20bJ.png Here is the license details: Purchased: Oct 17, 2013 Support/updates end: Oct 17, 2014 I was...
  3. sadikb

    Sold/Complete Active Xenforo License

    Hey Folks, I am interested in buying an active XF license. My Budget is about $65. I will use Paypal. So if anyone is willing to sell, please contact me, either here or at XF.com (same username) Regards