1. K

    Sold/Complete Selling Premium xenForo Themes

    Hello, I'm selling my 2 xenForo premium themes which includes 1 MyBB theme as well but support for this has ended. - Reneue theme by Audentio 35 $ worth. - Dazzle MyBB theme by Audentio 15 $ worth but support has ended. - Agile theme by XenThemes 23 $ worth. - Total worth is : 73 $ i'm looking...
  2. Heist

    Sold/Complete Selling xF account - the whole account.

    Things to consider when listing your XenForo License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade 2. When does it expire? 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. 1. I'm selling a xF account. 2. Support/updates end: Mar 12...
  3. Erin Nicole

    Sold/Complete IPB/IPD License

    Proof that I have this license. I will be willing to reactivate IP.Nexus and IP.Content if you pay me $30 extra to renew them ($15 per application to reactivate per Invision Power Services) You can see the renewal date. The addons I have- I also have the Shift theme. I didn't purchase it...
  4. M

    Sold/Complete Invision Board Perpetual License

    I'm attempting to selling my IPB Perpetual License - haven't used it be about 5 years. Support can be added for a cost of $15, and the rest of the IPS suite (downloads, blogs, nexus etc) can be added for extra fees. Dosn't include spam monitoring ($15 support activation required for this)...
  5. K

    Sold/Complete Selling Invision Power Board License

    I am wanting to sell a Invision Power Board License (IPB License) It has already expired and needs to be renewed, but can still be active on your community as it is. It is legally transferred if you wish, but I could just pass you the account and you can do whatever your will wishes for you to...
  6. Jordan

    Sold/Complete Selling License

    I'm selling my Xenforo License due to I have no interested in using it and it's just sitting there waiting to be used. The License was purchased on the 15th September 2013 and it includes Xenforo support till 18th September 2014. The License hasn't yet been transferred it's only been used once...
  7. Neal-UK

    Sold/Complete vB4 Suite Branding Free and vB3.8.7

    I'm wanting to sell my vB4 Suite Branding Free license - $150.00 - SOLD FOR SALE STILL: I'm also selling my vB3.8.7 Patch Level 3 license which includes Blogs and Project Tools (I understand Project Tools is now free). Offers around $100. I will accept payments via PayPal.
  8. Mohd Izezuddin Bin Idris

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite (Lifetime License)

    I am looking to sell my vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite license. Looking for $100 via PayPal. Pictures included, please email or PM me Email: I have checked and I am able to sell my license AND I've attached a screen shot of my control panel detailing the product I own .
  9. windwave

    Sold/Complete Selling Xenforo license!

    Hello! I am selling my XenForo license which i no longer use for 100 dollars. If you are interested let me now asap. :)