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  1. Nkrow

    Sold/Complete Selling XenForo license. Support Until June - 90$

    Hello I'm selling a license of XenForo that I wouldn't use anymore. It has support until June 16, 2015. No extra licenses. If you are interested, post here or add me on Skype: NkrowOne Regards!
  2. F

    Sold/Complete WBB3/4 License for sale/trade

    I'm going to sell/trade my Woltlab Burning Board 4 licence for 90€ or Xenforo. The license includes the following Plugins and applications: Woltlab Burning Board 4 - Woltlab Burning Board 4 (WBB4) - Community Gallery - Crystal Temptation – Design - Modern Shoutbox - cChat Light Woltlab...
  3. L

    Sold/Complete Sell Premiumpress Classifieds licence - 40 USD

    Hi. Original Classifieds licence from Premiumpress - 40 USD (Initial was 79 USD). Contact me!
  4. K

    Sold/Complete Selling Invision Power Board License

    I am wanting to sell a Invision Power Board License (IPB License) It has already expired and needs to be renewed, but can still be active on your community as it is. It is legally transferred if you wish, but I could just pass you the account and you can do whatever your will wishes for you to...
  5. jayabal698

    Sold/Complete I want to sell my complete PHPFOX website with licence

    Hi Guys, I like to sell my complete website for sell. I have phpfox licence + contact importer + hosting + Bootstrap3 theme licence and done good seo & good no of registered users etc... For more conatct: anbu.mani123@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. AdamEvo

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4 Forum License (With vB 3.x.x)

    1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade vBulletin 4 Forum License with Access to VB 3.x.x 2. When does it expire? Never 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes 4. Any Screenshots? Yes - See attachments 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. I paid $235 for...
  7. B

    how do you verify the buyer wont charge back

    since i am planning to sell my license how do i make sure the buyer doesnt do a charge back? Thanks
  8. M

    Sold/Complete IP.B License

    Hello, I'm selling my active IP.B License. It expires on the 26th of September 2013. Because I'm selling my whole account you'll also get my marketplace purchases worth $25. I'm asking for about $125 (incl. Transfer-fee and PayPal fees). If you're insterested please write me a PM.
  9. H

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 5.0 Connect/ 4.X License Key

    So a few months back (around November I believe), i purchases a license for vBulletin. I really don't need it anymore since i have moved on to something better. If you are interested in buying my vBulletin license, you are welcome to either contact me via email (harshbaid97@gmail.com) OR pm me...
  10. abdfahim

    Sold/Complete Transferable XenForo License [expiry date doesn't matter]

    Hi, I need a Xenforo license which can be transferred in my name, expiry date is not important [which means (1) you need to have a license minimum 4 months old, (2) not transferred before, and (3) not expired already]. Important thing is, I can pay only by MoneyBookers due to unavailability...
  11. Jonny

    Sold/Complete Looking for a Xenforo license

    Hello, I'm looking for a XenForo license, so if anyone is selling one that is still active (preferably until sometime next year), please contact me (post reply or PM me). Thanks Jonny