• Attention buyers: Please take the time to read THIS
  • I have imposed a new requirement today limiting who can start and receive private conversations. This is in an effort to thwart scammers who have a zero post count but private message others offering to sell their licenses. The restriction is not strict, a user must post at least one (1) post in the forum before being allowed to start and/or receive private conversations. Read Forum Post


  1. Shyuan

    Beware of user Thunder

    I warned Dan about Thunder, and reported about him but I don't think there's something done to him since I didn't get any responses from Dan. I want to warn sellers here. In short, he bought a license off me then nulled the item and uploaded on some sites. Then he came back to me showing his...
  2. TrentFisher6

    [Idea] Scam report section!

    Hello! I think that it would be a good idea for a place to report scammers! It would make it easier to report scammers and it would make this site safer and friendlier. I have been scammed on multiple sites like this one before (especially mc-market.org) and I'm always happy when a scammer gets...
  3. K

    Warning new Scammer Gregory

    Hello, Today i've became an new pm message about an xenforo license and suggested the scammer to add me (i didn't know that he was an scammer) and he added me. I've was gonna to buy the license but i've searched for a while 3-5 minutes for his details and sounds like spam the scammer's old...