1. K

    Sold/Complete Fantastic forum domain for sale

    Hello, I'm selling my forum domain it's perfect for forums and it's good domain not too long or too short. Domain : Registrar : Godaddy When i've purchased it ? : 2014-05-04 When does it expire : 2015-05-04 How much want i for the domain ? : I want 40 $ for the domain. Best Regards
  2. K

    Sold/Complete Selling Invision Power Board License

    I am wanting to sell a Invision Power Board License (IPB License) It has already expired and needs to be renewed, but can still be active on your community as it is. It is legally transferred if you wish, but I could just pass you the account and you can do whatever your will wishes for you to...
  3. P

    Sold/Complete Hostbill License for Life

    Hi, I want to sell my "hostbill branded license for life", it includes many of the modules and some of the paid themes and most of the paid order-pages. Price of this license on is $999.95, excluding the themes and order-pages that are mentioned below...
  4. J

    Sold/Complete Socialengine 4 plus plugins

    Hi I have the Socialengine PHP 4.x.x and Photo, Videos, Chat, Polls and Games plugins for sale. All for $ 175 USD. :-)
  5. Ramkumar

    Sold/Complete Verified Unbranded Owned License for sale - Blesta

    Hi, I'm selling one of my Blesta License, Directly got from Blesta.(i keep one for me ) It's really awesome and keep growing faster than others.i like their support and code. Support and Updates free upto Nov 12, 2014(almost 1 year). Price: $175 Payment: Paypal. Verified by Blesta...
  6. S

    Sold/Complete domain for sale

    I am selling the domain. Asking price $100 OBO. Free transfer.
  7. B

    Sold/Complete + (3 more) for sale

    Hello, I have decided to sell the following domains: Created: 2011-10-12 Expires: 2014-10-12 It used to be an IPB support forum, it has a good PR, however it's down for some months now, but still has a good reputation. You buy it, you will get also it's premium custom theme made...
  8. S

    Sold/Complete Vbulletin 4 forum only license

    Hi, I am closing down my vbulletin forum site. Selling my vbulletin 4 forum only license. Status: Active - Type: Forum - Current version: 4.2.1. - Expires: never - No additional fees for support and future 4.x updates. - Safe license transfer via vBulletin Staff. - All vBulletin 3 and...
  9. D

    Sold/Complete vBulletin Suite and Forum-only licenses available, with extras

    I have several vBulletin licenses either available to sell right now (as I've ported over to XenForo already) or coming up for sale very soon (for the forums I haven't ported over yet due me either still testing that particular forum, a plugin not quite working right, or something else - but I...
  10. Neal-UK

    Sold/Complete vB4 Suite Branding Free and vB3.8.7

    I'm wanting to sell my vB4 Suite Branding Free license - $150.00 - SOLD FOR SALE STILL: I'm also selling my vB3.8.7 Patch Level 3 license which includes Blogs and Project Tools (I understand Project Tools is now free). Offers around $100. I will accept payments via PayPal.