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resource manager

  1. Dan

    Sold/Complete XenForo License w/ Resource Manager and Media Gallery

    Freeing up some money for another project so I am listing this license. Brand new, You are looking at paying $260 for this package. Make an offer. Will transfer to your account upon full payment via PayPal. If I don't trust you, I don't sell to you. By no means am I desperate to sell this...
  2. Jahsun

    Sold/Complete Transferable Xenforo Licenses + Resource Manager For Sale

    Greetings Extra License Family. 1. What am i selling? Transferable Xenforo Licenses + Resource Manager 2. When does it expire? Apr 26, 2015 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes, Transferrable 4. Any Screenshots? Yes 5. How much am i selling it for? I paid $140 for xenforo and $60 for...
  3. M

    Sold/Complete Resource Manager

    I want to buy Resource Manager. If you have one you don't need please leave an offer. Thanks.
  4. Jahsun

    Sold/Complete Xenforo License & Resource Manager For Sale

    Hi EL Family, I am selling my Xenforo License as well as the resource manager plugin for one price. Purchased: Apr 26, 2014 Support/updates end: Apr 26, 2015 I am the original owner/purchaser! I am asking for $150 for both OR best offer! Verified Paypal only Validation token...
  5. Shyuan

    Sold/Complete xenForo + Resource Manager (Support Ends: 4 Mar 2015) - $145

    Hi guys, Thanks for viewing. :) Selling: xenForo + Resource Manager Expiry Date: 4 Mar 2015 Transferable: Yes Price: $145 My Reliability: See here (Kindly see Trading Stats and see my "Validated xenForo Seller" status) Payment Method: PayPal (I would prefer PayPal verified buyer) Validation...
  6. J

    Sold/Complete XenForo License with Resource Manger

    Hello Folks, Just to verify, most of you will know me as LP-John on XenForo.com, so please be assured I am a legit XenForo license holder. I have an extra license with the Resource Manager available for transfer since the forum I used it for has been officially shut down. The license is...
  7. Steve Moore

    Sold/Complete XenForo License

    Things to consider when listing your XenForo License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: XenForo License with Resource Manage 1a. What are you trading for: IPS License with any addons 2. When does it expire? April 10, 2014 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes 4. Any...