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phpfox license

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    Sold/Complete Phpfox license

    Hi guy, i want to tray to sell or transfer my phpfox license, is my first time here. You can see the details of my payment here: Phpfox Date: 14/11/2012 Price: 285.47 ( EUR ) Order id: xxx (i can't show) I sell that to half price 140 euro, my is full community license, no brand, no limit, full...
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    Sold/Complete Phpfox Community License with Branding Removed for Sale

    We are planning to sell our phpfox community license with branding removed. (version 3.6.0). Approval given by phpfox. Bought it on Feb 2013 at $313.00. Support & Upgraded have expired. Interested parties, please PM us. Please let us know your budget. Thank You :)
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    Sold/Complete Phpfox Community license with branding removal 348$

    Hi I have 2 phpfox licenses. Im very happy with phpfox and i used 1 of the license but i only need 1. My 2nd project wasnt successful so i sell the license for this project. Its the Community license for 299 $ And branding removal 49 $ Also 348 $ BUT SUPPORT AND UPGRADES EXPIRED. Latest avaiable...