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phpfox license for sale

  1. Livepublicity

    Sold/Complete PHPFOX Community Lifetime License

    Selling 1 Phpfox Lifetime Community License (Old License) Version: Community Version (Old License) / Ultimate (new name) Branded : No (No Powered by phpfox) Expire: Lifetime Upgrade and Lifetime Startup Support (no expiration) Price: PM your Offer.
  2. J

    Sold/Complete PHPFox Community package, Branding Removal,

    Hello everyone, I want to sell my PHPFox community license with Branding removal. Version: will let you know once PHPFox site is back on License : Community Brand Removal : Yes Support : None Updated : None Free .com Domain with the license - PM to find out the domain there are other freebies...
  3. H

    Sold/Complete PHPFox Community License For Sale!

    Hi, I want to sell my PHPFox community license with Brand removal. Version V3.7.4 License : Community Brand Removal : Yes Support : None Updated : None Price: 330$
  4. L

    Sold/Complete Phpfox Community license with branding removal 348$

    Hi I have 2 phpfox licenses. Im very happy with phpfox and i used 1 of the license but i only need 1. My 2nd project wasnt successful so i sell the license for this project. Its the Community license for 299 $ And branding removal 49 $ Also 348 $ BUT SUPPORT AND UPGRADES EXPIRED. Latest avaiable...
  5. F

    Sold/Complete complete Installed phpfox with branding removal,Boom theme,badge,cometchat(professional),games -$500

    complete Installed phpfox [ Latest Available Version (3.3.0) ] with branding removal (got phpfox approval for license sell ),Boom theme, badge, cometchat(professional), games. 1. phpfox - $348 Phpfox with branding removal(www.phpfox.com) 2. Cometchat(professional) - $129 Link...
  6. P

    Sold/Complete Phpfox with branding removal -200$

    Hello, Phpfox license with branding removal is for sell in 150$ Available latest version is 3.3 upgrade and support expired, you can get another 6 months updates for $49 Thanks,