phpfox licence

  1. L

    Sold/Complete phpfox with MiTunes Music Mod quick sale

    phpfox community license, not branded asking price 299$ 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade am selling phpfox version=3.8.0 community 2. When does it expire? the upgrade expires nov 2014 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? yes is legal to transfer or takeover my account...
  2. mahi

    Sold/Complete want to buy PHPfox Community License

    Want to buy a PHPFox Community license with access to their site. Thanks.
  3. T

    Sold/Complete phpfox community license with brand removal and with two themes

    I want to sell my phpfox community license with two themes, i decided to stop website due to family commitment I am selling my phpfox community license with brand removal which was bought on 26 Feb 2013 I have two premium themes phpfox- $299 brand removal-$49 Premium Theme- $100 Premium...
  4. nitinjain

    Sold/Complete PHP fox licence required ...

    required php fox community licence
  5. L

    Sold/Complete phpfox Community Branding Removal

    phpfox Community Branding Removal for sale i have two licenses but selling 1, if your are interested pm
  6. phpfox 4 sale

    Sold/Complete PHPFOX Licence with Branding Removal

    I bought PHPFOX licence back in 2007 and i no longer need PHPFOX licence. Details:Script: PHPFOX Community Licence: $299 phpFox (Self-Hosted) » Branding Removal : back in 2007 it was $75 now just $49 Download Latest Available Version (3.3.0rc1) Total worth $299+$49=...