phpfox licence for sale

  1. P

    Phpfox v4 Pro license by only $290

    Hi, I want to sell my Phpfox v4 Pro license. I sell it by $290. Today this license cost is $539. Contact me by PM.
  2. F

    PHPFOX V4 License for sale $300 branding removal & Lifetime updates

    Hi all, I was not able to continue my website after 2013 and the license was kept as it is for a long time, Now I checked the phpfox only give 12 months of free update and the pro package is for $539 and I have a lifetime software update package of phpfox v4 pro. Which includes branding...
  3. Livepublicity

    Sold/Complete Phpfox Lifetime License

    Phpfox Lifetime License ULTIMATE (Old License) Version: Community Version (old License) / Ultimate (new name) Branded : No (no brand) Expire: Lifetime Upgrade and Lifetime Startup Support (no expiration) **Update** License Sold to SLUSaintsFan using...
  4. U

    Sold/Complete Phpfox license

    Hi guy, i want to tray to sell or transfer my phpfox license, is my first time here. You can see the details of my payment here: Phpfox Date: 14/11/2012 Price: 285.47 ( EUR ) Order id: xxx (i can't show) I sell that to half price 140 euro, my is full community license, no brand, no limit, full...
  5. H

    Sold/Complete PHPFox community License For Sale! + Brand removal

    Hello I want to sell my PHPFox community license with Brand removal. Version V3.7.4 License : Community Brand Removal : Yes Support : None Updated : None Price: 300$
  6. Herby

    Sold/Complete PHPFox 3.6 Community Package with Extended Upgrades for sale

    Hello, We have a spare PHPfox 3.6 (Latest) Community Package for sale. Extended Upgrades are valid through to November 30, 2013 License new = $299 Extended upgrades = $49 Support is expired (we never used it’s easy to install and the support forums are adequate if needed). The package is...
  7. T

    Sold/Complete phpfox community license with brand removal and with two themes

    I want to sell my phpfox community license with two themes, i decided to stop website due to family commitment I am selling my phpfox community license with brand removal which was bought on 26 Feb 2013 I have two premium themes phpfox- $299 brand removal-$49 Premium Theme- $100 Premium...
  8. nitinjain

    Sold/Complete PHP fox licence required ...

    required php fox community licence
  9. Julia Travis

    Sold/Complete phpFox 3.2.0 + Branding removal = $180 usd

    I am selling my license because I don´t need it anymore... it comes with branding removal, updates have expired but I can get you the 3.4 when is released... My asking price: 180usd