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  1. M

    Sold/Complete Invision Board Perpetual License

    I'm attempting to selling my IPB Perpetual License - haven't used it be about 5 years. Support can be added for a cost of $15, and the rest of the IPS suite (downloads, blogs, nexus etc) can be added for extra fees. Dosn't include spam monitoring ($15 support activation required for this)...
  2. Sourabh Tewari

    Sold/Complete Selling two IPB perpetual licenses + IP.Gallery + IP.Blog + IP.Downloads

    Things to consider when listing your Invision License I have two perpetual licenses that I am willing to sell. Since I cannot transfer legacy licenses, I will give the account information. The selling price will be 200+200 = 400$ (or PM me your offer) Will sell only to verified paypal...
  3. S

    Sold/Complete Buying IPB perpetual license - Need official transfer

    Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. Buying Minimum IPB Board, or with addons 2. When does it expire? Needed perpetual or LIFETIME license 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? It should be officially transferred, I will bear the transfer price 4. Any Screenshots...
  4. R

    Sold/Complete Invision Power Board Perpetual License (Lifetime Updates/Upgrades)

    I have an Invision Power Board Perpetual License purchased in December 2005 which I haven't used for several years. This license gives you lifetime access to download IPB and any upgrades that get released. These are no longer sold by IPS. You'll receive the entire account associated with...