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license for sale

  1. D

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4 Pub Suite + Branding-Free Option

    I am no longer dealing with forums so therefore I am selling my license. License consist of Blog, CMS, Forum and Branding-Free (no vBulletin logo at footer). License is transferable. Cost I am looking: £200. I accept paypal but buyer pays fees. How it work? After payment has been made, I will...
  2. D

    Sold/Complete IPB license

    Welcome! Today i offer you IPS Community Suite, purchased 29 Dec 2012. There are many custom themes already owned like MAXX by Ajouz. Status is expired, but we can discuss this in PM. For any proofs i am here if you will. Bid your price
  3. Oxilary Czar

    Sold/Complete Boonex Dolphin permanent ad free license

    I have had four licenses for Dolphin for years now. I have a fourth license that I never got around to using. It is a permanent ad free license. It shows on their order page that they cost $399 now. I am willing to let my fourth license go for $200 or the best offer. Please feel free to contact...
  4. B

    Sold/Complete CubeCart 5 Licence & Copyright Removal Key

    I have one of these two serial numbers for sale. I have moved to a different shopping cart and no longer require them. Normally they are $230 but I will sell them for $180. When you create an account with CubeCart they will be transferred into your name. Payment can be made by PayPal.
  5. F

    Sold/Complete complete Installed phpfox with branding removal,Boom theme,badge,cometchat(professional),games -$500

    complete Installed phpfox [ Latest Available Version (3.3.0) ] with branding removal (got phpfox approval for license sell ),Boom theme, badge, cometchat(professional), games. 1. phpfox - $348 Phpfox with branding removal(www.phpfox.com) 2. Cometchat(professional) - $129 Link...