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Found 23 results

  1. I want to trade the software listed below for an Invision License, with any addons, but preferred for downloads. Licenses I have to be traded: Adobe InDesign CS2 Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus VLE (Volume License Edition)- 3 Keys, 800 Computers/Key Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - 2 Licenses PowerISO Licenses - 6 Licenses iExplorer Deep Freeze Standard, Deep Freeze Enterprise, or Deep Freeze Server Enterprise - Multiple Keys SMART Notebook, SMART SynchronEyes, SMART Notebook Math Tools (Add-On) I have multiple licenses for each software title listed above, and a few are worth more than an IP.Board license, such as Microsoft Office and Deep Freeze Enterprise. Please consider If you accept, I will send the license information over through a message, email, or any other form of contact you wish, along with the website to download the software.
  2. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: Selling IPS Community Suite 4.0: IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Content, IP.Nexus, IP.Board 2. When does it expire? Today is expired but I will renew the support for the new owner so you'll start off with a full 6-Months of support. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes, Purchased 10 Jul 2010 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Asking: $250 I need to invest $125 to sell it: Price to renew all: $95 Transfer fee: $20 Paypal fee: $10 Price if you buy it new: $415 $415 - $250 = $165 saving!
  3. Proof that I have this license. I will be willing to reactivate IP.Nexus and IP.Content if you pay me $30 extra to renew them ($15 per application to reactivate per Invision Power Services) You can see the renewal date. The addons I have- I also have the Shift theme. I didn't purchase it from IPS' site so it isn't listed here but here is proof- I'm selling everything here for- $150 for JUST IP.Board & IP.Downloads (no addons) $250 for JUST IP.Board, IP.Downloads, IP.Content, & IP.Nexus $350 for EVERYTHING listed here. Let me know via PM if you are interested in this.
  4. I'm trying to trade for a Xenforo license. I paid $175 for IP Board along with the $50 IP Content purchase, totaling to about $225 worth of content. The license has already expired and is renewable for $25 and I'm willing to renew as part of the trade. IP Content is available to renew for $15 as an option. It is a legally transferable license, requiring a $25 fee to renew, though I'm willing to pay it. I'm asking for offers of any Xenforo license as I don't like IP Board anymore and I don't want to pay $140.
  5. I currently own an IPB license (that expires in April of this year), and would like to trade it for a XenForo license as my users are currently wanting to switch to XenForo. The IPB license was legally obtained and is transferable. If you have any offers, PM me please, or ask questions below.
  6. Selling an IPB Account, with ip.board, content, and downloads. As shown below: Expires May 9, 2015 Taking offers for it.
  7. I need an IPS license. If you have Ip.content license, it's the best for me. Please add me on skype: freckodingue
  8. I'm attempting to selling my IPB Perpetual License - haven't used it be about 5 years. Support can be added for a cost of $15, and the rest of the IPS suite (downloads, blogs, nexus etc) can be added for extra fees. Dosn't include spam monitoring ($15 support activation required for this) The License if perfect for someone that just wants to forum, without all the bells and wistles and dosn't need support as once you own the license you never need to purcahse anything else. A new IPB licence is $175 + $25 every 6 months. Invision Power dosn't allow users to transfer the License, so I will give complete access to my customer account where you can change the email address and password to "transfer" to your own setup. I'm looking for $250 but am open to offers Verified PayPal accounts only
  9. I have an Invision Power Board Perpetual License purchased in December 2005 which I haven't used for several years. This license gives you lifetime access to download IPB and any upgrades that get released. These are no longer sold by IPS. You'll receive the entire account associated with the license, and you can then change the account details to match yours. Open to offers over $200. Prefer payment by verified PayPal account. Happy to talk on Skype for verification before doing the transaction.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for an IPB license to buy. Requirements: - It must be 100% genuine and registered in my name and my email. - It has to contain Suite Core & IP.Board as a minimum (more is of course af huge plus) Optional: - I would prefer a reseller to handle this request. Payments: I'm willing to pay 75$ for such a license. Payment will be done via Paypal. Hope someone are able to help me out with this:) Regards, panodil
  11. I am wanting to sell a Invision Power Board License (IPB License) It has already expired and needs to be renewed, but can still be active on your community as it is. It is legally transferred if you wish, but I could just pass you the account and you can do whatever your will wishes for you to (I have no use for the account or license any more). I can provide screenshots if you really need proof, but I won't just upload them for nothing. I'm looking for offers, this will come with the licence for Invision Power Board with the add-on IP Content. Oh, and I've bought a few add-ons and skins on the IPB shop which can still be downloaded, I believe. Thanks, throw me some offers, looking for around £60 or something near that.
  12. Selling an IPB license that comes with IP.Content and IP.Gallery for $140 + transfer fee($20). I just renewed this license, so it's active until November 1, 2o13. Brand new prices for these are as follow: IPB Forum(IP.Board) - $175 IP.Content - $50 IP.Gallery - $65 I'm selling this for $140 + $20 transfer fee. Another option is I can just give you username and password so you don't have to pay additional $20 for the transfer fee. I just renewed this today, so license is valid until November 1, 2013. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I have decided to sell the following domains: IPBZone.com Created: 2011-10-12 Expires: 2014-10-12 It used to be an IPB support forum, it has a good PR, however it's down for some months now, but still has a good reputation. You buy it, you will get also it's premium custom theme made specially for it: ----------------------- CDMazika.com Created: 2006-11-12 Expires: 2013-11-12 Used to be a music blog. It's down for almost a year, however the domain was registered in 2006. ---------------------- urlink2.com Created: 2010-11-09 Expires: 2013-11-09 This is a clone for anonym.to It's handy for redirecting links over from your site. I'm willing to sell the domain along with the script on it if you'd like. -------------------- PicRange.com Created: 2012-09-27 Expires: 2014-09-27 This was an image hosting site. Was pretty popular, it's closed for over a month. ====================================== You buy any of the above mentioned domains, you will get a free 2 months cPanel web hosting Lemme hear your offers by email (click to show). Cheers!
  14. Hello, I'm selling my IPB Standard License (Expired) for $75. If you're interested, add me on skype: by.maza
  15. Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. Buying Minimum IPB Board, or with addons 2. When does it expire? Needed perpetual or LIFETIME license 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? It should be officially transferred, I will bear the transfer price 4. Any Screenshots? Needed. 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Come on we will negotiate. Ping me skype sakkthi.subramaniyam
  16. Dear Folks, I am selling my IPB license because I didnt used it ever. It is the standard license for an Invision Power Board. I recently reactivated it for the $25 fee, so next renewal date is 01 Mar 2014 (again $25 for further updates, support, ect.) About Invision Power Board Renewal fee (FYI): It is able to be legally transferred (costs a $20 fee) as the license is old enough to be transferred. My price: $25 Renewal fee, just paid 2 days ago and already reactivated. $20 Transfer fee $80 = $125 instead of paying $175. You save $50 bucks on this deal. Grab it while its hot - only one available.
  17. Things to consider when listing your vBulletin License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade Trading vbulletin 5 which comes with vb4 with IPB or XenForo 2. When does it expire? Never. Support expires March 2014 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes. 4. Any Screenshots? YEs can be given in PM 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Trading for IPB and Xenforo which should be legally transferred and should have at least 4 months updates and support left.
  18. I bought IPB a few months ago and don't need it anymore! Since I cannot transfer the license I'm willing to sell the whole account! (Will change the info to yours) Will sell for $150, you can PM me for another price or something! Only accept Paypal
  19. Want to sell my active IPS Community Suite. It comes with IP.Board. Selling for $120 that includes the transfer fee.
  20. I have another IP.Board & IP.Content suite to sell. It's currently inactive. If someone wants to purchase I will pay the $40 to reactivate both and transfer. Cost for these is $185 total includes transfer fee.
  21. Hello, I'm selling my active IP.B License. It expires on the 26th of September 2013. Because I'm selling my whole account you'll also get my marketplace purchases worth $25. I'm asking for about $125 (incl. Transfer-fee and PayPal fees). If you're insterested please write me a PM.
  22. Can anyone please explain Which is best and why according to SEO and Traffic compared to their licensing prices. If I would like to buy a license which is said to be best in terms of SEO and Search Engine friendly with best traffic???
  23. Hello, i want to buy any IPB FORUM license from you guys. Max price 100$. Please make me offers and your payment method. Fast and reliable trade preffered.
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