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ipb license

  1. B

    WTB IPB license ( Forums + Pages )

    Hi i am looking to buy a IPB License with the forums + pages . If you are selling at a good price please feel free to post in here and let me know - boshkaro7@gmail.com
  2. frankes

    Sold/Complete IPB Forum License

    Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade: IPB forum license 2. When does it expire?: License is expired, costs $25 to renew. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred?: I'll update the account details over to the buyer. 4. How much...
  3. R

    Sold/Complete Core + IP.Board licence

    Hi everyone, : ) I am looking for a licence of Core + IP.Board. I would appreaciate it if you would leave me a offer. Best regards, RDU
  4. Ryuuji

    Sold/Complete IP.Board + Gallery + IP.Content + IP.Downloads + IP.Chat (5 users) + IP.Calendar

    I switched to xenforo so i want to sell my ipb license (IP.Board + IP.Gallery + IP.Content + IP.Downloads + IP.Chat (5 users) + IP.Calendar) Expires in 22 apr 2014. (60$ every 6 months) I'm able to transfer legally I want to sell maybe at... 245$ If the price is too high make an offer...
  5. I

    Sold/Complete IPB Standard License For Sale

    Hy LicenseHunters! The reason for selling is, I don't use it anymore, and in this way somebody could use it, get it cheaper. Type of License: Standard License Support Expiration: Expired 14 August 2012 (The support for the license is renewable at anytime for $25 in the IPS Client Center) Cost...
  6. Syerate

    Sold/Complete IPB License Without Addons

    Looking to buy an activate IPB license without addons. Willing to pay $125 this is including the transfer fee, please pm or reply with any questions. Thanks, Syerate.