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invision power board

  1. C

    WTB IPS Forums + Pages

    Hi i am looking to buy Invision Core with the forums + pages apps. If you are selling please feel free to post in here and let me know. Thankyou
  2. Erin Nicole

    Sold/Complete IPB/IPD License

    Proof that I have this license. I will be willing to reactivate IP.Nexus and IP.Content if you pay me $30 extra to renew them ($15 per application to reactivate per Invision Power Services) You can see the renewal date. The addons I have- I also have the Shift theme. I didn't purchase it...
  3. Javiscript

    Sold/Complete IPB.Board, IP.Content, IP.Download

    Selling an IPB Account, with ip.board, content, and downloads. As shown below: Expires May 9, 2015 Taking offers for it.
  4. R

    Sold/Complete Core + IP.Board licence

    Good day everyone, i want to sell a licence for Core + IP.Board. PM me your offer and we can talk about the rest. Best regards RDU.
  5. K

    Sold/Complete Selling Invision Power Board License

    I am wanting to sell a Invision Power Board License (IPB License) It has already expired and needs to be renewed, but can still be active on your community as it is. It is legally transferred if you wish, but I could just pass you the account and you can do whatever your will wishes for you to...
  6. Sourabh Tewari

    Sold/Complete Selling two IPB perpetual licenses + IP.Gallery + IP.Blog + IP.Downloads

    Things to consider when listing your Invision License I have two perpetual licenses that I am willing to sell. Since I cannot transfer legacy licenses, I will give the account information. The selling price will be 200+200 = 400$ (or PM me your offer) Will sell only to verified paypal...
  7. subster

    Sold/Complete Freshly Reactivated IPB Standard License

    Dear Folks, I am selling my IPB license because I didnt used it ever. It is the standard license for an Invision Power Board. I recently reactivated it for the $25 fee, so next renewal date is 01 Mar 2014 (again $25 for further updates, support, ect.) About Invision Power Board Renewal fee...
  8. D

    Sold/Complete IPB license

    Welcome! Today i offer you IPS Community Suite, purchased 29 Dec 2012. There are many custom themes already owned like MAXX by Ajouz. Status is expired, but we can discuss this in PM. For any proofs i am here if you will. Bid your price
  9. H

    Sold/Complete IPB + IP.Content + IP.Gallery

    Selling an IPB license that comes with IP.Content and IP.Gallery for $140 + transfer fee($20). I just renewed this license, so it's active until November 1, 2o13. Brand new prices for these are as follow: IPB Forum(IP.Board) - $175 IP.Content - $50 IP.Gallery - $65 I'm selling this for $140...