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  1. Eric

    Sold/Complete Dropbox for Business

    https://www.dropbox.com/business/pricing I want to get a Dropbox Business account, and it's $15 a month per user - but you need at least 5 users ($75 a month). I'm looking for 4 people who are interested (and can pay on time) who would like to go in with me for an account. I will handle the...
  2. Eric

    Sold/Complete Post Affiliate Network - one of a kind license - + 10 year .com + 1 year free hosting

    I bought this domain years ago to start an affiliate system with. With a new job and 2 kids, plus several side projects, I have been unable to get this started. I tore my MCL yesterday and need to get surgery - so I'm selling this. This comes with the domain and the license. This license is for...
  3. Livepublicity

    Sold/Complete 2 phpfox Related Domains

    Selling: phpfoxhosting.com phpfoxmobile.com free push to godaddy acct. PM your offers.
  4. O

    Sold/Complete Hostbill Owned + 36 Templates + Plugins

    Hi there, I'm selling my hostbill owned license (branded) with 36 templates and plugins (cpanel, paypal, solusvm, openstack, etc). I don't have the full list of plugins/templates of hostbill since these were free at that time. The reason why I'm selling this is because I'll switch of billing...
  5. S

    Sold/Complete Hostbill Owned + some plugins

    License with all basic hosting stuff. Cloudstack, Openstack, SolusVM, Cpanel, PowerDNS etc.. also with some extra bought templates and plugins. I can't get a good list from hostbill site but these I know: Support Fields Plugin Dedicated Servers Full-screen Fancy 4 comparison boxes One-step...
  6. C

    Sold/Complete HostBill Licenses - Owned, No-Branded HostBill License

    I'm selling one of my HostBill licenses. Please PM me your offer and questions. Details of the account: 1x HostBill Licenses - Owned, No-Branded HostBill License Registration date: 2012-05-xx Extra's Clientarea themes - FlatUI Theme License Note: All Hosting Modules, Orderpages, Client...
  7. Ramkumar

    Sold/Complete Classic Hosting name for sale !

    Hi, I'm selling my domain WorldClassHost dot com. (similar domain World Class Hosting dot com is in sale for $1995 on Huge Domains) .com TLD Rank: 499,345 Alexa Rank: 7,319,062 Approximate ADS revenue/month: $3.48 (Expected) PM your price if you like it :)
  8. B

    Sold/Complete IPBZone.com + (3 more) for sale

    Hello, I have decided to sell the following domains: IPBZone.com Created: 2011-10-12 Expires: 2014-10-12 It used to be an IPB support forum, it has a good PR, however it's down for some months now, but still has a good reputation. You buy it, you will get also it's premium custom theme made...
  9. A

    Sold/Complete Hosting Company Domain for Sale

    Hello, Dear Friends, I have one domain for sale. you can use this domain as hosting company or hosting provider. at this time i just upload wordpress template. Domain: http://semicolonhost.com/ ( SemiColon Host ) please let me know if someone interesting to buy this domain.