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  1. R

    Sold/Complete WANTED - Hostbill

    We are looking for a hostbill license.
  2. Razva

    Sold/Complete Want to buy HostBill

    Hey, I'm looking for a HostBill license. I can pay via PayPal (I'm a verified member). It's kinda urgent. Thanks, Razva
  3. frankes

    What are HostBill Licenses going for nowadays?

    Title pretty much says it all, how much would a fully owned unbranded license purchased before 2012 go for? I see that HostBill has all these new editions now.
  4. O

    Sold/Complete Hostbill Owned + 36 Templates + Plugins

    Hi there, I'm selling my hostbill owned license (branded) with 36 templates and plugins (cpanel, paypal, solusvm, openstack, etc). I don't have the full list of plugins/templates of hostbill since these were free at that time. The reason why I'm selling this is because I'll switch of billing...
  5. S

    Sold/Complete Hostbill Owned + some plugins

    License with all basic hosting stuff. Cloudstack, Openstack, SolusVM, Cpanel, PowerDNS etc.. also with some extra bought templates and plugins. I can't get a good list from hostbill site but these I know: Support Fields Plugin Dedicated Servers Full-screen Fancy 4 comparison boxes One-step...
  6. Razva

    Sold/Complete HostBill License [URGENT]

    Hey, I'm interested in BUYING any type of HostBill license. I prefer Owned + Enterprise, but other offers are accepted. Please note that this is urgent. Thanks, Razva
  7. V

    Sold/Complete Cheap Cheap Hostbill unbranded.

    As the title says. I am selling hostbill unbranded for life license. Get it before it's gone. Verification available.
  8. WebsiteIntegrations

    Sold/Complete Discount Premade WHMCS & Blesta Themes & Integration Services

    WebsiteIntegrations.Com is your one stop shop for all your Integration needs! We have been providing Integration services for over 10 Years - we can take your site design and create a matching theme for WHMCS, Hostbill, Blesta, Kayako, ClientExec,BoxBilling, SolusVM, Freelance Suite, VBulletin...
  9. C

    Sold/Complete HostBill Licenses - Owned, No-Branded HostBill License

    I'm selling one of my HostBill licenses. Please PM me your offer and questions. Details of the account: 1x HostBill Licenses - Owned, No-Branded HostBill License Registration date: 2012-05-xx Extra's Clientarea themes - FlatUI Theme License Note: All Hosting Modules, Orderpages, Client...
  10. D

    Sold/Complete HOstBill Licence

    Hello, I am willing to buy a HostBill licence. Please PM me your offers :) P.S PayPal only. Thank you
  11. S

    Sold/Complete Hostbill license

    I need several plugins with the software but send a private offer of what you got and lets discuss about it.
  12. P

    Sold/Complete Hostbill License for Life

    Hi, I want to sell my "hostbill branded license for life", it includes many of the modules and some of the paid themes and most of the paid order-pages. Price of this license on hostbillapp.com is $999.95, excluding the themes and order-pages that are mentioned below...
  13. T

    Sold/Complete Owned Lifetime Hostbill license Inc. modules untill 2013-05-26

    Hey everyone, A year back i wanted to start a hosting compagny, it didn't work out. When i log in i get this message: Note: All Hosting Modules, Orderpages, Client area themes that were free up to 2013-05-26 are included in your HostBill download package. Separate downloads are not required...
  14. R

    Sold/Complete Owned Hostbill License

    Please send me a private offer to buy it. Looking to transact ASAP over Skype.
  15. A

    Sold/Complete Hostbill with All Modules

    Hi, Details: HostBill Licenses - Owned HostBill License (Branded) Bought on 2012-06-03 All Hosting Modules, Orderpages, Client area themes that were free up to 2013-05-26 are included Separate downloads are not required The complete account will be transferred to buyer ASK Price: 300 USD PM me...
  16. A

    Sold/Complete Hostbill license for sale (owned edition)

    Hello I am looking to sell my Hostbill license owned edition branded, i dont need it anymore im moving to a custom software, it has all features up to version 4.6 when all new modules are paid, comes with live chat, ticket system, cpanel module, clients order pages and client portal templates...
  17. A

    Sold/Complete Hostbill license

    Hi im looking to buy a Hostbill license for a good price. thank you.
  18. Piers

    Sold/Complete HostBill Owned/Branded

    I want to move over to WHMCS so looking to sell my Owned/Branded HostBill license. I can provide proof of ownership. Updates are available until March 2014 - after that it's $45 per year. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. You must be a Verified PayPal user in...
  19. Mrchris

    Sold/Complete Hostbill owned license

    I'm looking to sell this for $250.00 $230.00 Payment method: paypal (Must be verified) If you have any further questions feel free to ask..
  20. Mrchris

    Sold/Complete Hostbillapp

    I know there is someone out there wanting to sell hostbillap I think I can get it cheaper then what the price is on there site. If you have or own it make post I'll contact you