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  1. C

    Sold/Complete WTS Flynax License Paid $595 General Classifieds

    Hi, I purchased the full flynax license last month for $595. http://www.flynax.com/prices.html It is the General classifieds, latest version, still has 5 months of support so plenty of time to get it up and running. Looking for offers over $350. Thanks.
  2. A

    Sold/Complete Flynax General Classifieds licence for sale - 250$

    I am selling my Flynax General Classifieds licence. The licence is transferable, with ownership validated by Flynax. You can download and use any of the six templates that are available (including one responsive) and any of the free plugins developed by Flynax. All upgrades and all plugins are...
  3. Petrache Nicolae

    Sold/Complete Flynax General licence for sale - 350$

    I am selling my Flynax General licence. You can see the features on short explained here http://www.flynax.com/features.html You can see the full list of features here http://www.flynax.com/files/manuals/Flynax-Features-Full-List.pdf Or, you can see and test the demos here...
  4. T

    Sold/Complete Flynax General Classifieds Software Last Version + 10 languages + 76 Plugins + 6 Templates

    I wanna sell my Flynax general classifieds software last version license. The license are for last version of Flynax general classifieds. Include all six templates and 10 languages. Original cost $595.00 Selling today for $400 Accept Paypal only. PM me if have any questions about the...
  5. W

    Sold/Complete Flynax Escort Script with 2 Months of Flynax Support

    Hi, I just bought a Flynax Escort Script for USD 505 directly from Flynax. I am going to embark in another project so I won't be using this script. I am asking for a USD 350 to sell this license to any one that wants it. If you are interested. Please send me the domain in which this license...
  6. M

    Sold/Complete Flynax 5 License Lot for sale

    I currently own quite a few flynax Licenses which were to be applied on a project which isn't coming to see the light any time soon, so i decided to sell them. These licenses currently retail at 595 usd. The total investment was of around 2750 usd. I'm currently selling the lot for 1550 usd...
  7. B

    Sold/Complete Flynax classifieds for sale

    Full license of Flynax classifieds (Any Version) http://www.flynax.com Original cost $595.00 Selling today for $350