1. D

    Sold/Complete Boonex License + Addons ($85 only)

    Hello forum, I am offering you my Boonex Dolphin account with permanent license (worth $400) and 2 very practical addons (worth $65) for ONLY $85!! (lifetime+upgrades) Addons: $15 Searchable Fields (Makes all the information on user`s account cliackable and searchable. Extremely useful addon...
  2. V

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4 Suite License

    Hi, Selling my vB4 Suite license for $150. You'll get CMS, Blog and free support ticket for the life of vB4. Verification and transfer via legal means at Contact me if interested. Regards.
  3. Neal-UK

    Sold/Complete vB4 Suite Branding Free and vB3.8.7

    I'm wanting to sell my vB4 Suite Branding Free license - $150.00 - SOLD FOR SALE STILL: I'm also selling my vB3.8.7 Patch Level 3 license which includes Blogs and Project Tools (I understand Project Tools is now free). Offers around $100. I will accept payments via PayPal.