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  1. S

    Sold/Complete Expired XenForo License

    Hello! I'd like to buy an expired XenForo license. I'm willing to pay $20-30 & I want it to be atleast in version 14. (14.4 or 5 preferred) PM me if you're willing to help! :)
  2. K

    Sold/Complete Need Xenforo License

    Things to consider when listing your XenForo License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade buying 2. When does it expire? It should have at least 4 months 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes,must be. 4. Any Screenshots? Please provide me screenshot of your prof and give me...
  3. G

    Sold/Complete vBulletin forum - VB4 Suite or equal

    Things to consider when listing your vBulletin License 1. I like to buy a vb4 suite license or newer version. I should be able to download a swedish version of the forum. Swedish language. The license should be life time and should be able to transfer. I like to see screenshots that you own the...
  4. Kazaam

    Sold/Complete Valid Xenforo licence

    Hi, I'm looking for a valid and a transferable Xenforo licence. I can offer $80 to the first to be interested via Paypal (only). Don't forget to give a proof (screenshot) and the expiration date here or on PM. Thank you.
  5. K

    Sold/Complete looking to buy vb 4

    hello im looking to buy a license for VB 4. my offer is 80-100 dollars if anyone does have one please pm me or skype me at kevin.eperjesi
  6. F

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 3.8.7 License

    I'm looking to buy a vBulletin 3.8.7 license. My current offer is $70 (we can negotiate though). Payment will be made via PayPal (obviously verified). If interested, leave a reply. :)
  7. Toyota86`

    Sold/Complete BUYING VBULLETIN 4.X.X

    Hi Guys, Title says it all, in need of a vbulletin license (owned) - Proof (pictures) - Price - Contact info (PM me if you want it kept private) - Other info needed to know about license Thanks guys