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  1. B

    WTS Classifieds license from Tamaranga

    Greetings! I'm selling my CMS from Tamaranga for cheap. When you visit their website, you can use google chrome page translator. Seller speaks English. It is easy to translate the license. I can give you 20% discount, if you want to buy the license straight from them. If you are interested, let...
  2. amandaever

    Sold/Complete vBulletin 4.2.2 license ...Please

    I want to buy a lifetime vBulletin 4.2.2 license that is transferable (forum only), i need to get the login details to vbulletin website & i want my website to be legit (licensed ) , so i hope someone can help me to get the license , i only have between 50-60$ so if anyone can help me that will...
  3. rupesh

    Sold/Complete Want to buy a VB4+ license

    I would like to buy a VB4+ license: Status: Active - Type: Forum - no expiration - transferrable and verified - Payment thru paypal/escrow - Safe license transfer via vBulletin Staff. Please PM me with details or add me on skype: rumasson thanks Rupesh