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boonex dolphin

  1. V

    Sold/Complete Boonex Dolphin PREMIUM license + account + addons

    All 36 Dolphin modules No "Powered by" links Lifetime version updates Advanced BoonEx Membership Premium BoonEx Membership Discounted 3rd-party Extensions Native iOS and Android apps CometChat Premium Edition with updates untill august'14 Modules included: Announcements, Chatrooms, Facebook...
  2. D

    Sold/Complete Boonex License + Addons ($85 only)

    Hello forum, I am offering you my Boonex Dolphin account with permanent license (worth $400) and 2 very practical addons (worth $65) for ONLY $85!! (lifetime+upgrades) Addons: $15 Searchable Fields (Makes all the information on user`s account cliackable and searchable. Extremely useful addon...
  3. promis

    Sold/Complete Boonex Account with two Boonex Dolphin Licenses with 42 plugins total worth $2089

    Originally purchased for a client's project which eventually took another turn and never went online. Whole account is for sale, so no license transfer complications or legal issues. You simply get login details and it's yours. Two Boonex Dolphin Licenses and all the hottest plugins including...