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    Sold/Complete Domains for Sale (Based around Minecraft to the most Part)

    I'm terribly sorry as I was super inactive and I'm sorry for double posting but I can't seem to edit my old post, any ways...here's an updated list of domains for sale and I apologize for any one wanting to buy any and I haven't responded to any one. I never got any emails from the site...
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    Sold/Complete Some domains for sale. (Some are good for Minecraft aswell)

    Some domains I have up for sale , very unsure on the prices but just post the domain(s) you want with an offer and I'll accept , decline or say the price I want. (Most likely will take offers as long as they're reasonable) classpvp.com huycraft.com (huy means Belgium in french) polapvp.com...
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    Sold/Complete http://mcstatus.org

    Hello, I purchased the domain name via name.com for a Minecraft Voting website...as I have recently acquired one pre-made with the domain I no longer need mcstatus.org. First come first serve, offer below or in PM.
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    Sold/Complete XenForo License

    I've had my XenForo License for almost two years now, It needs to be renewed again for an extra year of support / updates on May 26, 2013. The XenForo license has been great to me and I love it, but I am no longer in need of using it as I'm going to revamp my whole site soon. I'm only accepting...