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  1. I'm open to offers, if you'd like to make an offer in private we can discuss it further.
  2. ^ All is completed, overall a smooth transaction only held up by XenForo themselves.
  3. I've just bought a XenForo license but a few hours ago, but VB is still for sale and open to offers. Plugin too.
  4. I've paid for this license and am now waiting for the transfer.
  5. Testing One Two Three

  6. PM'd - I'm on EU time, so bare that in mind, if you're online when I am should be able to sort it all very quickly
  7. PM'd - I'll take it. Screenshot etcetc and half first half after for payment.
  8. For sale is the plugin: Wordpress to vBulletin Integration Bridge - $75 Price negotiable, just ask.

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