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  1. oooo who likes me do you like me enough to find me a licence lol

  2. typed out now dan lol

    1. Dan


      Thank you for all that!

  3. personally I dont like it and am still on 2.3.6 but main reason for that is there no Arcade I want for 3 yet
  4. ipb codings arcade gotta be the best and ibpro battle cause me and the codwer who now works on it reworked the whole thing to a way I likes yes I am the idea person she is the how the hell am I gonna do this for her lol
  5. Well I opened mine 6 years ago went on holiday and the people I left in charged killed it so closed it down for a while then after a few heart attacks decided I needed the quiet life and reopened it as a hobby more than anything else thats how i get past the not so many members the ones I have are great and steadfast hence I keep on going lol
  6. OMG what a sore subject this is for me. I was with 1&1 on a dedicated server then cant even remember the reason I left went to another dedicated server that was rubbish so here I am took a backward step and went on shared with HG $9.95 a month was great till last week but although my site has a massive arcade does not have a big membership so do I go vps or suffer the shared which is now giving me problems when I run some competitions hm hm hm the vps i was looking at is $53 a month thats paying $12 for cpanel cause i just love cpanel big jump though
  7. I have a fb account cant say I have signed into it for more than a few seconds over the past year or so. I personally say its killing forums and omg dont you just get sick of reading the same old rubbish they post on there all the time jeesh I dont wanna know your going for a pee
  8. pc for me mac too expensive lol but have a fair few pcs around 2 lappys 2 desktops and a touch lol how can 1 person living in a 1 bed bungalow need so many? A: cause I loves me gadgets lol
  9. Thanks Dan appreciate it already have 1 just would like another to mess around with lol
  10. Hi there came looking for a licence nice simple easy to use controls here nice site thanks for the welcome
  11. looking for ipb licence must be willing to accept paypal cash waiting if one is available at the right price please pm me
  12. whats the absolute lowest you would be willing to go for this not really interested in all the add ons cash waiting now if its the right price
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