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  1. Hello, I have a VB 4,2 license that isn't allowed to be transferred since someone transferred it to me. However, i haven't been using it lately and im thinking about just trading my account i will give you the log in info and you can change all the stuff around to your info. Again you will have the account it will not be transferred to you. I know VB doesn't allow this but i have seen people do this all the time, even if XF, IPB etc and nothing ever happened. So if someone is willing to make a deal i would like to trade my VB account for an XF Account. Thanks Please PM me on here as my skype is having issues
  2. sorry for the bump again but im still looking due to having low funds i need to lower my price. i will buy the ipb from $40-60$ dollars. if someone wants to sell me something that low. pm me or add me on skype kevin.eperjesi thanks
  3. hey sorry to bump this but im still looking for an ipb license with the offer above
  4. Hello, I'm looking for anyone to sell me a license for XenForo. Right now, I'm low on funds and im offering 30 bucks yes it is cheap, however i get paid on thursday and I'll throw in an another 50 on that day. so in total will be 80. if anyone is nice enough to transfer it to me for 30 dollars and later on in the week ill pay the other 50 please add me on skype kevin.eperjesi or pm me on here
  5. I'm Looking to Buy a License for IPB forums. My offer is from 65 dollars - 85 Dollars. If someone is willing to sell it to me along those prices, please either PM me on here or add me on skype kevin.eperjesi
  6. Can you just sell me the board itself? i don't really care about the addons
  7. hello im looking to buy a license for VB 4. my offer is 80-100 dollars if anyone does have one please pm me or skype me at kevin.eperjesi
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