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  1. since i am planning to sell my license how do i make sure the buyer doesnt do a charge back? Thanks
  2. My license is up for sale looking if you are interested. check PM
  3. hey again Dan, could you confirm my license I am bookmarc on vbulletin too. i dont post much there but if there is something you would like me to post let me know. Thanks
  4. Hey Dan, Plast says you are willing to act as middleman to help with the flow of money and get the license transferred? Please confirm Thanks
  5. If any one is interested vBulletin 4x Publishing license. Mine is up for sale Version 4.x Publishing Suite. I have never used it. after it was bought and then I never got time to work on it. Please PM me. >> When does it expire? Never Expiers. >> How much are you selling for Looking for $140 (escrow.com) $150 (paypal.com). No bargaining please. Escrow - buyer pays fee paypal - only if you are a established member of a old established forum such as WHT, BHW, WarriorForum etc. Thanks

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