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  1. To be honest, vBulletin is no longer worth it. vBulletin 5 is awful. Choice IPS or XenForo, you will not be disappointed.
  2. Have you figured it out @@Dan ?
  3. @@Dan - I haven't experienced this issue on Transmit 4.4.1. Have you checked Preferences, especially the Transfers tab? I am not even sure how this can happen otherwise.
  4. How is that possible? I tried logging out and logging back in and it still shows 2 ghost unread posts...
  5. Well that looks wonky. Chrome 28.0.1500.71 for Mac.
  6. XenForo 1.2 has now a Staff Page, so I think it would be logical to do something with this page: http://extralicense.com/XenStaff/ Perhaps keep it only to list scammers?
  7. I was thinking about if the old threads should be moved or prefixed as expired / abandoned because if after X months there were no activity, the license might be already being sold/transferred - meaning there would be no point in having the thread anymore in the open sales forums. They could always report the post to get it moved back (or simply create a new thread). The same kind of applies to the WTB threads. However I can see the point of keeping the posts if (insert here)... so I just post this up for discussion.
  8. Dan

    I added your suggestion to our tracking system ;)

  9. The license must be renewed before it can be transferred according to IPS. As I understand the 50$ fee is included in the price.
  10. Andrej

    vBulletin 5

    Personally, you shouldn't upgrade at all.
  11. Andrej

    vBulletin 5

    IPS have updated their free IPS Converters page to support vBulletin 5, along with a 10% off coupon code on purchase. http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/1174/entry-8835-ips-converter-update/
  12. Now offering OUTRAGEOUS discounts! You can now get your free forum installation, add-on installation and style installation for absolutely FREE. I don't really want to make a profit out from helping you. So instead I want to devote a small part of my time to help others in setting up their XenForo forum, and even tell you how you can do it yourself! However, if you think I have done a great job, nothing is limiting you from donating. 1 to 1 communication (using the method you prefer - Email or Skype) Installation of XenForo. Installation of add-ons of your choice. Installation of an style (or a few), including tweaks (depending on style). Post-installation checking in order to insure that everything is working correctly. Introduction and guidance to XenForo's features both at the admin and public end. 48 hours response time to questions I am capable of answering. ... and everything in between! At a later time, you might have some use of my upgrade services as well -> Upgrading XenForo to it's latest version (or version of choice). Upgrading add-ons to compatible versions or removal if no longer needed. Post-upgrade checking to make sure everything is working smoothly. ... and everything in between!
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