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  1. Thousands of Indian farmers blocked a massive expressway on the edges of New Delhi on Saturday to mark the 100th day of protests against agricultural laws they say will devastate their income. View the full article
  2. The funeral for hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's father, Walter, will take place today in his hometown of Brantford, Ont. View the full article
  3. Some provinces are speeding up plans to get people inoculated against COVID-19, with the approval of the latest vaccine and increased supplies. View the full article
  4. Pope Francis and Iraq's top Shia cleric delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence Saturday, urging Muslims in the war-weary Arab nation to embrace Iraq's long-beleaguered Christian minority during an historic meeting in the holy city of Najaf. View the full article
  5. Bitcoin’s flirtation with mainstream acceptance and gravity-defying climb in price have made headlines around the world. Underneath the mania is a potential sea change in the world of finance that observers say was made possible by a global pandemic. And what’s at stake is nothing less than a war for the future of money. View the full article
  6. Data provided by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre shows there were more than 8,500 cases of identity theft related to CERB reported across the country by the end of January. But that number is likely to rise now that Canadians are doing their taxes. View the full article
  7. Working from makeshift setups with non-ergonomic chairs and unorthodox workspaces has caused some physical strain. And collaborating with colleagues remotely for so long has only worsened a COVID-era ailment of another kind: Zoom fatigue. Experts offer tips for staying healthy in your home office. View the full article
  8. News that Dr. Seuss Enterprises will stop publishing six books by the children's lit icon is forcing people to reexamine what may have been childhood favourites with a new lens. Many are pondering just what to do: get rid of problematic books? Skip certain pages? Keep them around and try to explain? View the full article
  9. Canada is the only country in the world delaying second doses of COVID-19 vaccines from three weeks after the first dose to four months, but critics say we are venturing into uncharted scientific waters that may lead to complications down the road. View the full article
  10. Businesses and institutions are learning how to best deliver onsite rapid tests as part of efforts to make them more widely available. View the full article
  11. Bob Rae says the international community must support the democratic movement in Myanmar as protesters there continue to risk their lives to protest against last month's military coup. View the full article
  12. Equipment such as masks, gowns and surgical drills that has been previously used can be a safer choice than single-use, disposable options, doctors say. Here’s why more hospitals are shifting to reusable PPE and medical supplies, and how they’re finding ways to recycle previously unrecyclable medical supplies, such as IV bags. View the full article
  13. The premiers' call for a massive boost in the federal contribution to health care isn't going anywhere for the time being — but there's room for a working compromise, once the pandemic has subsided. View the full article
  14. Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout gets a boost with faster timelines and approval of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot offering. A CBC News investigation looks at the healthcare inmates receive in Canada’s prisons. Plus, three trans women of colour share how they’re dealing with social isolation during the pandemic. View the full article
  15. Pope Francis is on a historic visit to Iraq despite the global pandemic. After a year of laying low in Vatican City, he's resumed his travels with a message of unity for a country ravaged by religious violence. View the full article

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