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  1. You can still see here how many people are looking for vB license. They just don't do their homework (google is your best friend), before they buy their first forum software. Most of us know which of the forum softwares is the better, but that is not enough. vBulletin has its name which sells. XenForo is just not so well known and that is the biggest problem and I have to agree with @@Elmore that it will take years until XenForo will reach the sales of vBulletin.
  2. Thank you for the smooth and easy transaction!
  3. To be honest I think PayPal doesn't protect you when you are selling services so you have nothing to worry about really.
  4. It seems to me he has IPB license and he wants XenForo
  5. Transfer completed. Thanks Mogoko. Positive feedback left for you!
  6. Yeah, he said, he was not getting notifications about new messages from here. He replied to me on XenForo.com and we need to wait for XenForo to transfer the license.
  7. 24 hours passed since you sent me your paypal details and since I made a payment. You didn't show up here since then. I start to really worry now
  8. License sold to me, already paid for it. Just waiting for you to transfer it. Don't forget then please to leave a feedback for me. Thanks for the business!
  9. Still available? If so, then I am interested! Please send me the details and some kind of proof, that you really have the license so we can secure the deal

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