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  1. If this is still for sale, I might be interested. Thanks!
  2. Why not just $75 and I give you the account? (My problems is lack of money in a paypal account, I don't have the $25 to transfer it, and I don't really want to give IPB $25 to give my license to someone else, why would they charge that much for it?)
  3. Yes the account is 6+ months old, so I'm assuming its transferable, and no I'm not willing to pay the transfer free. Feel free to take the other persons' offer, it's no big deal.
  4. Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. Selling a standard IPS license, just the board. 2. 17 January 2014 expiration, so yes, it's expired. 3. Transferable if you want, You're paying that fee. I'm planning on just giving you the account. 4. Will provide more screenshots on request. 5. Looking for $75 paypal.
  5. Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. Selling a standard IPS license, just the board. 2. Mid/late January 2014 expiration 3. Transferrable if you want, You're paying that fee. 4. Will provide a screenshot on request. 5. Looking for $110 paypal.
  6. My skype: OperationMetro What addons does it have?
  7. Hi there, I'm looking to buy any IPB lisence out there. I don't care what it has with it, when it expires or if its expired, I just need at least the IP Board. Looking to pay $50-120
  8. I am planning on buying this, please hold it for me. Quick question though - so I'd be paying $100 for the account, then I'd have to pay $70 more to legitimately use the software? Or are the renewal options just for updates and support>
  9. Sorry bout that, but I'd really need the cash. Have to buy hosting with a different host, and a domain too.
  10. Hi there, today I'm looking to sell a domain that would essentially guarantee a successful gaming forum. gaminforu.ms http://Http://gamingforu.ms is the URL, there's nothing on it though. Either way, if you're looking to buy this, I will provide all proof you could ask for via Skype, and will update this thread in about 16 hours with a screenshot of the account - currently on my nexus. Looking for $65 or so, hoping for more. Negotiable.
  11. Do you really thing you'll get $200 for these, EACH? C'mon man.
  12. Hey man! Could you pm me all the details? Thank you!
  13. Hi There! Today I'm selling a lifetime license of WHCMS http://www.whmcs.com/order-now/ This normally runs for $250, I'm selling it for $100. Please add me on skype to buy, and for more info. Username: OperationMetro Thank you!

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